Awesome / Quest for Camelot

  • United We Stand. The ENTIRE song.
  • When Ayden (the falcon) beat the Griffin in their first fight. He managed to harass a creature that was ten times his size.
  • Kayley telling Ruber, "I will not serve a false king!" before swinging down on a beam and hitting him with it.
  • It doesn't accomplish much, but when Ruber attacks her home Kayley has the guts to grab a mook's mace and take a swing at Ruber with it.
  • Ruber's defeat was pretty awesome, if only visually. He's cornered Kayley and Garrett into circle of rocks, and prepares to strike at them. They dodge, and Ruber ends up stabbing a stone- not just any stone, The Stone. Ruber tries to pull The Sword out, but to no avail; only the rightborn king of England can pull the Sword from The Stone. The Stone's power disintegrates Ruber in a fantastic display. Then Arthur shows up, still wounded, and effortlessly pulls The Sword free.
  • After realizing that being in agreement makes them capable of flight and fire breath, Devon and Cornwall have this awesome exchange before absolutely roasting the Griffon.
    Cornwall: How bout we barbecue this bully?
    Devon: I couldn't agree more!
  • When cornered, Ruben punches a dragon in the face, and later feasts on its flesh.