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The Bagges live in Nightvale.

Fred is mentally a child
He uses the word “naughty“ when he‘s talking about his obsession.

Courage The Cowardly Dog takes place in a setting After the End.
An atomic bomb was dropped in the middle of Nowhere and just a few people remained. One of them was Eustace's mother who because of the atomic rays lost her hair. The other atomic rays caused a mutation in most animals leading to animals like Katz or Le Quack and were also responsible for causing a genetic mutation in one of Courage's ancestors.

The Middle of Nowhere is set either within or right next to Area 51 (or a similar secret military research facility) where everything from aliens to forbidden (I'll bet beyond even alien understandings) things take place.
This could at least explain the wide variety of strange going-ons that take place in nowhere, ranging from aliens to bizarre scientific experiments to the paranormal and so on and so on. The research facility primarily exists to capture, record and study such anomalies and relevant data much like how the SCP Foundation works. The home of Eustace and Muriel could either be a house of unsuspecting human and canine guinea pigs or it might be that they just happen to be in the way while all this is going on.

Courage is just a normal dog but the entire show and everything that happens in it is how he sees it through a dog's eyes.
All the villains in the show are just normal people, but to a little dog, they seem scary. They don't actually live in the Middle of Nowhere, but since his owners are too old to take him outside for walks, he only knows what's around his immediate property, and everything beyond that is nothing because he's never seen it.

The Computer is really Haunted Technology.
The obscure methods needed for Courage to defeat his supernatural foes aren't from the internet. The Computer used to be an actual person who was an expert on all manner of the supernatural. For one reason or another he tried to make himself immortal but instead messed up an made his soul unable to pass on. Trapped in limbo as a ghost he found he could communicate with the living through machines and decided to inhabit the computer on the farm since that would be the only place his knowledge would be relevant. He only pretends to be the actual computer to Courage either to mess with him or so that Courage doesn't find out about his failure.

Fred is the Antichrist.
... only he doesn't particularly care about actually bringing on the end. Since it seems that the AC isn't really stopped by forces until he reveals his true colours, he merely does his own thing instead of What Is Written. He doesn't actually care about ending the world, cause he realizes that he's screwed if it actually happens. So he cuts hair. That's why he visits his aunt out in the nuked zone - the zone nuked during the Tribulation -, cause he's evil and does stuff like that. Since he's evil, and twisted, but not harmful, he's never actually executed. And since he's devilish, he actually orchestrates events for him to become a real leader, following his role at the end of the world according to Revelations. That's why we see him on the TV during the episode that everyone tries to kick Courage's ass.

Katz is actually Red from All Dogs go to Heaven.
Both are red mean cats who do evil deeds. It could also explain why Katz does the things he does. He collects souls because he lost his privileges after the incident with Gabriel's horn. The devil send him to earth to steal the souls of two pure beings. This is why he is always meeting up with Courage and Muriel. They are pure souls and he has to kill them to get back to hell and into his old more powerful form.
  • Explains how he came back each time he's defeated. He's immortal. On that note, this would make an awesome fanfic.
  • Also explains his 'no dogs allowed' thing. It's not just cause he's a cat, it's cause of his previous defeat.

It's all in Courage's head.
Apparantly, Courage has become delusional from living in the middle of nowhere. His cowardly nature doesn't help.
  • It's all in his head— including Muriel and Nowhere. He was "abandoned as a pup"— and still is.

Courage is a god.
Courage does impossible things all the time; transforming to attempt to speak with the humans, pulling objects out of nowhere, surviving mortal wounds and injuries, etc. Clearly he is some sort of god cast down to earth to pay for crimes; perhaps he fell in love with Muriel as God (like the Goose God did), which would tie into "The things I do for love!" and why Eustace almost always gets some sort of comeuppance. Courage must save this family once a day for a year until he is released from his bond; he is granted almmost any power, except for the ability to actually speak with humans (in a way they understand).

Muriel and Eustace do have kids.
They just never come over to visit and for good reason.

Muriel was unable to have children.
Thus why they don't have any grown up kids who come to visit them, Muriel was unable to have children back in the day and now she sees Courage as the closest thing she'll ever have to a child.

The buck deer in Deer Hunter, Farmer Hunted is Eustace's brother (Horace) reincarnated
After going to purgatory or something like it, God wanted to punish him for his Jerk Ass ways that ultimately turned Eustace into one. So he reincarnated his spirit into a Beast he hunted alot, a deer. As a deer he's lost many of his memories when he was human but retains some things such as glasses and the family baldness on top of the head (He has also had a Heel-Face Turn into the well-meaning smart deer he is in the episode, and even has a loving deer family). This is also why it focuses on Eustace's problems he had with his brother earlier in the series. When they confront eachother later, Eustace targets his brother (Whether he knows or not if he was reincarnated as such) for revenge even if unknowingly. And when the Table's are turned, Hoarst brings out a laser gun that a hunter dropped and he knows how to use based on past life knowledge. His original plan was the only way for Eustace to learn was to die and maybe have his own lesson by God. But when Courage pleads to him when they're trapped and cornered he realizes that's not the way as it might be considered one last jerkass moment put on his brother so he goes with Courage's plan for a game show of wits in which because Horus was always better in Eustace at anything he sweeps the questions and defeats him. Though Eustace doesn't exactly learn a lesson at all (He never does in the series really)
  • Also in the episode where they contact his brother's spirit (For the box) that was way before this episode and at that time he was still in purgatory

In "Ball of Revenge" Eustace was taking a new medication.
An unfortunate side effect was that it spiked his jerkassery to Ax-Crazy levels.

Courage is a supernatural being himself but doesn't know it.
Explains his shape changing abilities and why nobody ever gets what he's trying to say.
  • Could be Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld in Greek mythology. This troper's seen theories on that on several sites...

The Bagges have a son that goes by the name Mr. Mundy.
But Eustace isn't proud of his stupid crazed gunman son.

Space Chicken is the reason for the Sphinx's nose being missing.
In every cartoon universe, there's always a gag as to why the Sphinx has no nose. No such gag has turned up in Courage, but Space Chicken did use his plunger to remove the head of the Statue of Liberty. Ergo, he tried to get a Sphinx head, but it was too big and only the nose came away.

Doc Gerbil is a weight gain fetishist.
Hence why most of his "products" cause Muriel and Eustace to expand and pop.

Courage's greatest fear is...
Contrary to popular belief, his greatest fear is NOT, in fact, losing Muriel and Eustace. His greatest fear... the bees. Or alternativly, Courage is Nicolas Cage.

Dr Zalost is a relative of Fenella from Chorlton and the Wheelies
They look pretty similar, and considering Fenella's goal is to spread misery, it would explain why Zalost was so unhappy all the time.

The lint lady was responsible for anhrpomorphising Doc Gerbil.
The lint lady used to be a mad scientist who conducted strange experiments and tested them on animals. One of her products, which causes people to have her knowledge, causes a gerbil she named Lulumay to become an anthropomorphic animal who seises revenge on those who tested on his kind. The first victim obviously being the mad scientist.

Eustace and Muriel worked for the government when they were younger.
They used to be top secret agents charged with battling aliens, monsters, and all other manner of supernatural life forms. At some point, one of two things happened: Either something happened during a mission that erased their memories, or when they retired, the government themselves took their memories of it all so they couldn't potentially leak classified information. This is why creepy stuff seems almost drawn to them all throughout the show.

Plank from ed edd n eddy is a piece of the magic tree.
Plank actually can talk,but only to Johnny because he doesnt have enough of the tree's power to talk to the others (except occasionally ed).And a few times in the series, Plank seems to have triggered a switch or moved somewhere without Johnny's assistance.
The thing behind the door in Shwick's hotel room is a rabbit.
Just look at the bones!

Courage is a shapeshifter.

There is something in the middle of Nowhere...
Most of Courages enemies seem to have been either drawn to the Bagges or given some kind of ability they shouldn't have been able to get. It may be that the something is trapped, possibly beneath the farmhouse is giving power to dark hearted individuals in order to eliminate the Bagges, and especially Courage. For whatever reason, the dog is preventing his escape.

It also seems that some of the villains are serving a higher (read:offscreen) power, and many who have failed seem to endure horrible punishments for failure, probably from the unseen "something".

Katz is a good example. His snapping his own neck could mean he's been brought back from the dead at least once by said being to continue his killing spree.
  • Does this mean Satan is sealed underneath their house wanting to get out?
    • Or a congregation of vicious souls. We've seen that several malicious creatures died there in the past, like Tarentino's partner. And undoubtedly a few souls vengeful from their defeat by Courage.
    • One episode did have the farm built over at least one grave. Maybe the farm is just cursed.

The computer contains the consciousness of Yahtzee.
They do sound very similar when you think about it. The computer also has that snarky tone shared by Yahtzee.

Courage is a god
He constantly defeats monsters that are too powerful for Chuck Norris. Plus, he's a TALKING ANIMAL and he can shape-shift!

Courage is the mortal and/or Alternate Universe version of Chip/Light Gaia From Sonic Unleashed
Along with the above multiple descriptions of Courage being both a benevolent and lethality-absorbing pet dog of a nice old woman and a grumpy old man (when he's not acting too dumb to live) Courage's fur color, species, personality and even given plot scenarios involving keeping sealed evil in a hotspot from escaping fit in either greatly or near-flawlessly with those of Light Gaia. Whether the setting of the show is in Sonic's world in the far past or not, the story could be that after his and his owner's time on earth was up, Courage, through some mysterious spiritual process (this only now just came into mind) got resurrected and transformed into a timid-mannered but good and benevolent deity tasked with watching over the cycle and order of the natural world for millenniums to come, as his reward for showing his pure owner's love and standing up against the otherwise impossibly threatening adversaries of nowhere.

Muriel grew up in a British colony in India
This would explain her accent and ability to play the sitar. She moved to America after the British lost control of India.

Eustace's marriage to Muriel is him subconsciously searching for the maternal affection he never got
This is why we never see them show a lot of romance on the show—how awkward would it be to make out with a parental figure? It also explains his hatred of Courage... He's jealous of him for stealing Muriel's attention, like a spoiled little boy demanding attention from his mother while she's taking care of his baby brother.

Each episode is one of Courage's dreams.
Since he is easily frightened, he gets nightmares about scary things he acknowledges. Of course, Muriel and Eustace exist and they live in nowhere, or that would not be a part of his dream. When Courage has his dreams in "Perfect" (Like that weird mutated trumpet) Are terms when you wake up inside of a dream, you would understand if it happened to you. He named the dreams himself; therefore the title cards share the same name. These never happen in the first place.

Courage actually did write a perfect number 6.
In mathematics, perfect numbers are numbers which divisible (not including itself) add up to the same number. 6 is 1+2+3, 28 is 1+2+4+7+14, 8128 is 1+2+(skip a few)+4064.

The Perfect Trumpet Thingy learns that there's no such thing as perfection, and gets a happy ending

The farm is Hell
The Negative Continuity is just a reset, so the torture can be worse since Courage is never "used" to the horrors he and the others are subjected to.

The show takes place in the When They Cry series
How else does Eustace always comes back even when dying?

Everything after the first season is Courage's delusional fantasy.
The episode The Great Fusilli (quick refresher: a puppetmaster turns Eustace and Muriel into puppets, and even though Courage and the two escape, they're still puppets. The episode ends with Courage having set up the puppets in their chairs and moving them to make them act like they're alive) was the very last episode of season one. The creators weren't sure if there would be any more seasons afterward, and if not, the last thing we would have ever seen would be Courage playing with the transformed puppet bodies of his owners in an attempt to keep up his previous family life. Therefore, I posit that the later seasons aren't real, and are just Courage imagining how life would've continued if only he could have saved Muriel and Eustace.

Every episode is a dream of Courage's.
This is a modified version of one of the above theories. Every episode, save for the one with the bugle, is a dream of Courage's. This is explains all of the impossible stuff that happens in the show as well as why Eustace and Muriel almost never listen to him.

Courage is some kind of mutant.
This theory is self-explanatory. He is an anthropomorphic dog with pink fur, and he has the abilities to shapeshift and survive injuries that should be fatal.

Nowhere, Kansas is cursed.
Long ago it became a desert unsuitable for agriculture, and was infested with monsters and other strange creatures.