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The Anakin/Padme romance was a Mind Trick by Palpatine.
Anakin and Padme, despite their meeting in Episode One, had not much in common. Anakin was a totalitarian, Padme believed in democracy, however inefficient. Anakin was from a culture (Tatooine) that emphasized practicality. Padme's culture loved beauty. So, with that in mind, there would be no reason for them to fall in love-unless they were tricked into it. Palpatine, seeing that Anakin needed more of a reason to join him than power, mind-tricked him into loving Padme, and Padme him. As it was, there were few connections between him and the material world.
Deathsticks aren't thinly veiled cigarettes, but rather ancient talismans that, when burned, give the user various Shinigami powers.
The Jedi tried to eradicate them along with the Sith because they wanted the monopoly on mystical abilities.
  • The Italian localization of AOTC calls deathsticks "spaccacervelli", which translates back to English as "brain smashers". This, and the Wookieepedia article on deathsticks, makes this troper convinced that deathsticks aren't cigarettes, but hallucinogenic and/or deliriant drugs.
  • Also, why would a random person, who appears to be a druggie or at least weak minded, be selling ancient talismans to a random person he saw in a bar?
  • Wookiepedia says that Deathsticks do have hallucinogenic properties which are less effective the more you use it.
  • Russian localization just calls them "dur'" (дурь, a slang word for narcotics) and rolls with it.
Clonetroopers are genetically engineered to be gay.
It worked for Sparta, how else are you going to deal with thousands of young male humans going through accelerated puberty with no females on the planet without riots starting? It also prevents Kaminoan biotech from being spread around and diluted, and explains among other things - the trooper discos and men-only bath-houses in Lego Star Wars found in trooper bases.
  • Jossed many times over. Look at Darman and Jangotat.
    • Whatever method the Kaminoans used to engineer that into the clones may be imperfectly reliable.
  • Why not just make them asexual?

Jango Fett missed
He was trying to hit the Jedi, but hit his partner Zam Wessel by mistake, panicked, and flew off.
  • Hey he is the base for Storm/Clone Trooper.
    • ^ That is the most brilliant observation I've ever seen on a WMG page. Bravo sir.

Palpatine arranged to have Anakin's mother killed
Not like it would have been hard for him or his minions to bribe/force suggest the Sand People into attacking a specific moisture farm.

Anakin originally went to Tatooine to free his mother and kill Watto, and did the latter right before or after killing the Sand People.
That's the reason he suggested hiding out on the planet. He was awfully forgiving of his former slave owner when he met Watto before going to the moisture farm. He was going to do the deed right then and there, but locating his mother was priority number one.
  • Wasn't it kind of explicit that Watto treated his slaves (relatively) well? He seemed more stern father figure than cruel slave driver.

Captain Typho has seen the Silence.
His eyepatch looks suspiciously like one of the eye drives used to counteract the memory effects of contact with them.

Jango had good reason for hiring Zam and choosing bugs as the means of assassination.
He was attempting to cover his own ass by keeping as much distance from the job as possible, in case it caught up with him. He does have a kid to raise, after all.

Padme isn't a fool who believes Anakin is a good guy despite his fascist leanings and mass-murder. She just overlooks it because he's hot.
There are several times that Padme seems impatient with Anakin or acts as if she thinks he's an idiot (e.g.: her chilly reaction to being interrupted by him when she's speaking to the new queen, her constant emphasis on the fact Anakin is still a padawan). She also dresses quite provocatively and talks about sex a lot, despite telling Anakin they can't be together. If you ask me, she wanted to sleep with Anakin during her break and then never bring it up again, but it got out of hand (because she felt alternately sorry for him and indebted to him during the ensuing drama). It's one way to justify them getting together despite having no non-physical chemistry, and her actually responding to that terrible "sand" line.

Padme not reacting much to Anakin killing Sand People was because they're Sand People.
Think about it-everything we've seen of Sand People would suggest that at the very least they're a very aggressive and territorial primitive people. Add to the fact that Naboo is one of the regions where the alien prejudice of the Empire comes from and their torture of Anakin's innocent mother...it would be pretty hard for anyone, even a cultured senator like Padme to pity the Sand People in any way. Yes, Anakin killed Sand People children and women, but a)I'd expect someone flying into a mindless rage(though maybe not as extreme as Anakin), b)since when are people supportive of Sand People and c)they're Sand People.
  • Well in regards to B) at least, there is the Jedi Sharad Hett and his son, A'Sharad Hett
    • But they're still not Sand People, just immigrants to Sand People.

The Relationship Plot Tumor is a consequence of Lucas' Creator Breakdown.
George Lucas went through a nasty divorce, which is why Mola ripped out somebody's heart. He hasn't been dating for years. The guy just isn't in the right mindset to write romantic stories, no matter how good a writer he is.

Padme never loved Anakin...
He subconsciously mind fucked her into loving him.

Darth Maul ordered the Clone Army to be created.
Think about it. Darth Maul was alive over ten years ago, when the army was stated to have been commissioned. He was working for Palpatine/Sidious. It would have made sense to him to have a plan like this prepared years in advance, and Maul was the perfect pawn to do this. In addition, the random name 'Siphodeus' (or however it's spelled) could have easily been Maul's Jedi name (ie before he turned evil), hence how Siphodeus could have died and ordered the clones in that order: Siphodeus was killed only as a Jedi, living on as a Sith, and to hide the Sith's influence, could have recycled his old name as a pseudonym.