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Headscratchers: Attack of the Clones
  • I know he was grateful to Obi-Wan and the Jedi Order for freeing him. But Anakin seems to hate every part of his Jedi training and his place in the order, resents the rules against love, and seems angry that they didn't also make any effort to free his mother from Watto's control. Did it never occur to him in anywhere in the EU or even during some of the events of the main films to even think about quitting the Jedi life?
    • It did. Matthew Stover's adaptation of Revenge of the Sith have both him and Padme musing over him leaving the Jedi Order. The main reason why Anakin doesn't go through with it is because he knows Padme would never forgive him for it, because she feels there's still far too much good he's capable of doing as a Jedi.
    • Ah I see, what about before it? I'm sure his unhappiness didn't start with AOTC. Like in the ten years when he never knew he would see Padme or his mom again and hated how much the other Jedi were holding him back even though he was advancing so fast. I mean even if he was no Jedi he could probably build a light-saber with his skills, and he could already use the force very well by the beginning of the movie.
      • You're exaggerating Anakin's feelings. At the start of AOTC, he's pretty clearly okay and enjoying his time as a Jedi. There's no indication of him "hating" the other Jedi holding him back. Just a little frustration, if that, which is normal for any talented youth. You're very much overstating how Anakin felt about his position in the Jedi order.
      • I don't see it the same way. At the very start of the movie he gets in Obi-Wan's face in front of Padme and her team for suggesting they do something different, and he seemed genuinely offended about Obi-Wan not acknowledging what actually happened in in the Gundark incident.
      • He also shows ridiculous arrogance about his betters, claiming to be more powerful than Obi Wan and Yoda in some respects. He seems to resent authority with a passion, best typified after his mother's death when he says he should be all-powerful.
      • After his mother's death is not at the start of the movie. At the start of the movie, he has some casual arrogance—the kind that, well, pretty much any teenager who finds themselves good at something is going to have—but that's about it.
      • I think Anakin's behaviour, although it can rub people the wrong way, makes a lot of sense when you look at it in the context of the film. He's nineteen, but he's never been on a mission by himself and it's clear he's saved Obi-Wan a few times. So, clearly, he's going to be a bit frustrated at the pace of his training. It's not uncommon, for example, for eighteen year olds to be dying to head off to college to be able to be on their own for once. This is made worse by the fact that Palpatine clearly feeds Anakin's ego as much as possible. Also consider that, as of the beginning of AOTC, Anakin is already having dreams of his mother and getting little sleep — which would be destabilizing. Add to that the fact that Padmé is in danger (and Anakin is seeing her again after a long separation) and we have someone who is not going to be making the best decisions with the greatest amount of tact. When he contradicts Obi-Wan in front of Padmé for example, I always got the impression that Anakin was so focused on Padmé that he didn't listen to a word Obi-Wan said, messed up, and then tried to save face. He's crushing pretty hard on Padmé so he's pretty embarrassed and defensive when he gets called on it. But I don't think he's intentionally trying to disrespect Obi-Wan. Rather, he's trying to impress Padmé and it blows up in his face. AOTC is all about Anakin getting knocked down a few pegs, really.
  • Why didn't the Jedi or Separatist leaders question why Jango was fulfilling the contradictory functions of serving as a mercenary on Geonosis, the clone template on Kamino, and trying to assassinate Senator Amidala? For the CIS leaders the question for Dooku would be why is this mercenary working for us the source of this mysterious Clone Army that we never knew existed until it attacked us.
    • Why are you assuming that everyone knew all the sides of it? We have no indication that the Separatists ever found out that Jango was the template of the clone army. How would they have found out, and why would anyone have told them?
      • All it would take was one dead clone trooper having their helmet removed to see that they were clones of Jango. It is implausible that, during a war, the CIS never bothered to study the Republic's clone forces. Jango was well known by the CIS leaders since he hung around with them.
      • Dooku definitely knew about the Clone Army. He's the one who commissioned Jango to do it after the events of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Which just underlines how deeply compromised everything already was.
    • One thing that does have to be considered is that Jango is a mercenary who would work for anyone and presumably have complete discretion about his other numerous clients. In addition he was supposed to lead Obi-Wan to Geonosis so that the Clone Wars could begin.
      • Which should have been suspicious to Obi-Wan. That the template for the clone army supposedly ordered by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas was also in the employ of the Separatists should have rang alarm bells about the fact that somebody was playing both sides of the fence.
    • There are some elements in EU that might explain this. Sifo-Dyas was a The Seer, and he predicted the coming of a war. He was also best friends with Dooku, who later killed him to become a Sith. The Jedi, knowing this, probably assumed Sifo-Dyas was manipulated by Dooku, and that his plan was to use the army AGAINST the Republic alongside the Droid Army. It would also be possible that Sifo-Dyas first hired Jango Fett, and Dooku paid him to become his ally, Jango is a bounty hunter after all.
  • Padme falls out of an aircraft that was travelling pretty fast. And yet she's completely uninjured?
  • So let me get this straight: one Jedi Master supposedly had a big enough expense account that he was able to just go to Kamino and order up an entire clone army, complete with weapons and a fleet of warships?! Yoda should have been as worried about the Jedi Order's accounting practices as he was about the fact that he did not sense the army's creation through the Force!
    • This is explained in Darth Plagueis' novel. Sifo-Dyas was the one who placed the order, but Hego Damask (aka, Darth Plagueis), an extremely wealthy Muun (the guy in Episode II from the Banking clan is one) provided the funds.
  • After trading taunts with Dooku in the balcony, why the heck did Windu just allow him leave calmly with his courtiers? He should have stuck his lightsaber up through Dooku's rectum at the very moment. Windu is the kind of Jedi who does not mind using direct fighting approaches, and it would have ended the Clone Wars conflict before its beginning.
    • It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I recall reading the EU book Shatterpoints, which stars Mace Windu. Long story short, Windu has the power to see how people and events are connected to each other through the Force. He saw Dooku connected to incoming war, and knew killing him could stop the war before it starts. However, once the "calvary" Jedi join the fight, it constitutes hostilities against the Separatists by the Republic. So war cannot no longer be prevented, it's inevitable. So Windu sees through the Force now that killing Dooku won't stop the Clone Wars. Instead it would just create a martyr for the enemy's cause. Plus, didn't he have to jump off the balcony because super battle droids and Jango Fett's flamethrower?
  • It's been years since I've seen the movie, but is it ever explained why the Sepratists are leaving the Republic? It just seems too much like a 'lol, we're leaving just cuz, kthxbai" scenario. Did they have legit grievances against the Republic?
    • The leaders we hear about are the trade federation, some kind of big banking conglomerate, and other business-types. Presumably they're trying to secede because they don't like the Republic's trade laws.
    • You also have 10,000 member-worlds seceding too. They have legitimate issues with how they're represented in the Republic, how corrupt some of it's functions are, the vast distances they might be located at from the Core, etc. It's all gone to in great detail in contemporary EU works.
    • Remember the Battle for Naboo in the Phantom Menace? You see, the Sith's Grand Plan with that was to start the Separatist sentiment. If the Republic can't protect one of their major planets from a trading company, what good are they, and what right do they have to charge hefty bills? The Separatists are basically tired of the Republic's shit and want to start their own personal government. That said, there are TWO factions inside the Separatists: The Corrupt Corporate Executive council you see in the movies, and the civilian council you see in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Sadly, both factions are no more than pawns for the Sith.
  • Why is Kamino not a major galactic power? They have the ability to build a clone army massive enough to serve as the primary military force of the most powerful organized entity in the galaxy, and yet the Kaminoans themselves have no presence beyond their home planet. Their location at the very edge of the outer rim is actually an advantage in this regard, as similar to how the Mandalorians conquered worlds in KOTOR, it would be relatively easy for the Kaminoans with their cloning technology to set up at least a small empire on a number of rim worlds without the Republic or any other entity getting in the way. It's not like they don't have any motivation to expand either, what with their home planet experiencing a cataclysm and most of its surface being uninhabitable to their population.
    • Kamino is more or less OUTSIDE the Star Wars Galaxy; if you read Star Wars Wiki, you'll see Kamino is basically shoved between the Star Wars Galaxy and a dwarf galaxy called Rishi Maze. They only developed a military program due to Jango Fett calling in a few contacts to train his clones. It's very likely that, like the Separatists leaders, they have little grasp on military strategy. They are, however, politically savy. They know the Republic is made of hundreds of systems and are defended by the Jedi, so they're being Genre Savvy on their chances of defying a galaxy-spanning govermnent that is defended by Warrior Monks with supernatural powers, especially from a flooded planet with just a few cities. Kaminoans are also isolationist, so they don't want much to do with the rest of the universe, just profit. They're both minimalists and perfectionists. Considering the Vicious Cycle of war in the main galaxy, they're being very smart (Especially since, once Order 66 came through, Sidious conquered Kamino).
  • After some thought, why didn't the gunship carrying Anakin and crew just shoot Dooku? While I do understand they mention running out of missiles, this is still an armed gunship with laser cannons. Unless that carries a ammo count too, I really don't see them having trouble just because they ran out of missiles.
    • I choose to believe that the lasers aren't designed to be aimed at a small, rapidly moving target like a speeder bike (in the initial Big Damn Gunship moment, they're used to strafe across the massed battle droids). The clones could have tried it anyway, but being in their first battle fresh from training, aren't accustomed to using their equipment in ways it isn't designed for yet.
  • Sorry if someone has brought this up already, but when Palpatine assumes emergency power, he says that his first action will be to use his powers to create a standing army, thus legitimizing the Clones. Fair enough. The trouble is, how does he explain the fact that the army is ready and mobilized, complete with accompanying armor, logistics and a whole Navy from Kuat Drive Yards, to the Senate? All he can really say is "I now authorize an army, and conveniently, we've been building one without your permission or oversight for years! Ta-da!" Yes, it was ordered under a Jedi's name, but surely people would question and investigate how and why the Jedi made this enormous decision, costing billions if not trillions of credits, without telling anyone and when, ostensibly, there was no need for it (the order was placed well before the events of The Phantom Menace). How does Palps explain away the highly suspicious fact that he has a fully-completed military ready to pull out his back pocket the second the Senate gives him emergency power?
    • Actually the order for the clone army was made in 32 BBY, the same year in which the events of "The Phantom Menace" takes place.
    • Desperation, manipulation, and possibly good old fashion mind control?
    • But what kind of manipulation? The number one rule of a con artist is never make a con that is bigger than you - always be able to explain away any discrepancies, and always have an escape plan (ask Bernie Madoff). What is Palpatine's? And surely the Jedi would notice mind control - we're talking the entire investigative media of a galaxy here?
    • He used mind tricks to fool the lesser-minded, and strong armed (threats, etc) the stronger-minded to shut up and sit down if they decided to speak out about this. That's my guess. Oh, and desperation. The Republic was being torn in two, people were panicking, 'cause they had never dealt with a war of that magnitude for likely hundreds of years. They were likely willing to let it slide that Palpy (who was like their great messiah here) just so happened to have an army and a navy already built for such an occasion.
    • He didn't have to, because no one was going to ask, because no one wanted to know the answer. All they cared about was that they had an army to defend themselves against separatist aggression, and were more than happy to look the other way.
    • Simple. The clones aren't our army, they're some army Palpy found and got to work for the Republic. Everyone who knows better is on the other side anyway and those who don't know better are perfectly willing to let the matter slide at least until they don't need the clones to protect them anymore.
      • Specifically, they were an army ordered by a dead Jedi. Either Dooku used his access to the Archives to steal the guy's identity and order the Clone Army in his name, or the guy defected when Dooku did (possibly as Dooku's apprentice). Presumably this was all set up so that Palpatine could go "I have recently learned of a clone army on Kamino. While I do not know the original reason for their commissioning, the one who filed the order is long dead, and I have thus offered to buy this army from the Kaminoans."
      • Although this raises the legitimate question of: just how big of an expense account do Jedi get? Most people cannot put an entire army and fleet onto a credit card!
    • Lets just say he threatened to withhold highway money from anyone who questioned it and be done with it until Wordof God says something.
    • The senators and general public don't have much knowledge about the Force, so saying that it was ordered by a Jedi would be enough as long as the Order was trusted. People would just assume that they had sensed the need for an army. This could give Palpatine cover not just for the clone army's existence, but the entire war! Who ordered the army? A Jedi. Who assembled the Separatists? An ex-Jedi. Who tried to assassinate the Chancellor? The Jedi. He has the perfect scapegoat, enough to mislead enyone suspecting a conspiracy.
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