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The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some Misaimed Fandom, add a lot of Draco in Leather Pants, a hint of Bunny-Ears Lawyer and/or Flanderization, a small chunk of Badass Decay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your Troper name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using spoilers. Please include the story your character is fromnote , no matter how popular it is.

Compare Worse Than It Sounds. Contrast Paint the Hero Black.

  • A Rebellious Princess raised in a Deadly Decadent Court of evil aristocrats and genocidal maniacs ruled over by a nihilistic monarch, this young woman was able to defeat her father at his own game, and has proven time and again her willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure her people's survival in a world in a constant state of war between various Ancient Conspiracies and Eldritch Abominations while simultaneously attempting to improve diplomatic relations with a group of people who the overwhelming majority of her contemporaries consider to be subhuman, all while struggling to keep the monster within herself under control. Lara Raith, The Dresden Files.
  • After having his dreams shattered, this brilliant young political maverick decided to dedicate his life to fighting back against the evil aristocrats who denied him his chance to live Happily Ever After. Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • An ex-death row convict who just wants help his true love to live up to the limitless potential inside of her. Alpha, Dollhouse.
  • Universely recognized as the "Baddest Motherfucker in the World", this man, after pulling off a one man revolution against a corrupt regime using only a kayak and a single pair of knives, set about addressing the numerous grievances afflicted upon his people by an Evil Empire before ultimately being murdered by his ex-lover's uncle. Dmitri "Raven" Ravinofski, Snow Crash.
  • Raised by her extreme war-hawk grandfather, this young woman sought to restore her family's honor by volunteering to serve in her nation's special forces, only to have her dreams shattered by the cruel reality of war. Shortly after being discharged from the military due to a disfiguring injury, her nation's government collapsed, leaving her adrift in the world with nothing to live for. But, rather than despair, she chose to band together with her former comrades-at-arms for the purpose of carving out a place for themselves in the world. Balalaika, Black Lagoon.
    • A physically fit man with a large vocabulary, who destiny selected to lead his people to glory and avenge the deaths of his fallen compatriots. Tragically, he was murdered by a common criminal. Acting Captain Fritz Stanford, AKA the overly-talkative Nazi that Revy shot in the face.
  • A young political activist fighting for equal rights for the heart-beat impaired. Tsukiko, Order Of The Stick.
  • After his wife's death, this man decided to dedicate his life to creating a world where his children will be safe. Charles zi Britannia, Code Geass
  • A talented young woman with a tragic past who genuinely loves her boyfriend, and only wants to help him live out his dreams of making the world a better place. Misa Amane, Death Note.
  • A brilliant scientist turned statesmen, this educated, articulate man lead the charge to reform his nation's government and ushered in a new era of openness in all aspects of life. He dedicates most of his spare time to attempting to reform a criminal. Trevor Goodchild, Aeon Flux.
  • Promising young corporate troubleshooter currently assigned to oversee the recall of a malfunctioning videogame accessory. Ed, Megatokyo.
  • A beautiful woman tragically disfigured in a freak accident, this woman was wrongfully imprisioned for a crime she did not commit, only to be slandered with unfounded allegations. Kharisma, Something Positive.
  • A kind dog-lover with a tragic past, this woman was brutally murdered by a government agent while the man who loved her was forced to watch. Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid
  • An intelligent young man who deeply loves all of mankind, and seeks to save humanity from stasis and stagnation by forcing people to acknowledge the constant necessity to change and adapt. Izaya Orihara, Durarara.
    • A talented scientist and researcher who finds herself unemployed after her family business is taken over by a nebulous multinational corporation, this woman is forced to take a humiliating job doing secretarial work for an immature Jerk Ass in order to earn an income capable of supprting herself and her beloved younger brother. Namie Yagiri.
    • An entity made entirely of pure love that only desires to spread its love to everyone else. Unfotunately, it is enslaved by a being incapable of feeling love, who uses it as a weapon. Saika.
    • A talented but misunderstood physician who only wanted his son to carrry on the familly bussiness, but in his zeal, accidentlly put his son into a number of traumatic situation, causing the two of them to become estranged. Now, he's attempting to reconnect with his son, as well as convince his daughter-in-law-elect to treat him like the father she never had. Shingen Kishitani
  • A Man of Wealth and Taste who only wants to encourage his daughter to get in touch with her ethnic heritage and stand up to those who would oppress her because of it. The Man, Tales Of MU
  • A knowedgeable man who only wants to share his wisdom with those who would seek it out, and who went to the effort of learning a number of languages simply so he could greet people in their native tongue. He was once raped and tortured by a psychopath posing as a fellow sage. That Guy, Ask That Guy With The Glasses
  • Just an average, ordinary guy who's only doing his job by defending his brilliant but misunderstood employer from vicious slander; he had no way of knowing that he was secretly being manipulated by an evil, time-traveling conspiracy made up of aquatic equines., The Nostalgia Critic
  • After years of humiliating service to a pair of unappreciative tyrants, this capable and long-suffering administrator finally became fed up with their abuse and singlehandedly over threw the monarchy, all while leading his nation to a glorious victory in a war that had been ongoing for as long as anyone can remember. Jack Noir, Homestuck
    • A neglected child who became ensnared by a deadly addiction to a vile drug after being all but abandoned by his guardian. Eventually, he converted to a new religion, which helped him find the strength within himself to overcome his addiction and to even embrace the people who constantly ridicule him for his faith. Currently, his most fervent wish is to show the world that miracles really can happen, if only you believe. Gamzee Makara
  • An honorable and peaceful race who managed to completely eliminate all war, achieving world peace on their planet long before taking to the stars. However, this race ultimately made contact with a two other, more technologically advanced alien races, either of which could easily conquer or enslave them. Though they knew that their only hope for military superiority laid in launching a surprise attack, they chose to pursue diplomacy in hopes of preventing a return to the dark days before the dawn of peace. Unfortunately, both alien races were highly ethnocentric and dogmatic, and could not accept this peaceful race for what it was, labeling them as barbarians or monsters simply because some of their cultural traditions violated the alien's arbitrary taboos. Ultimately, the peaceful race's homeworld was invaded and their culture suppressed by the more technologically advanced aliens. The Baby Eating Aliens, Three Worlds Collide.
    • A civilization based entirely on love, which discover two alien races, both of which subscribed to a moral system completely alien and incomprehensible to each other, and were consequently on the brink of war. Because of their limitless love for all sentient lifeforms, this race proposed a compromise in which each party (including themselves) would have to give up something precious to it, but which would ultimately result in the three races being peacefully joined together as one for all of eternity and live happily ever after. The Super Happies.

  • One of 1d4chan's favorites: a free-spirited religious devout whose complete, selfless dedication to his god's cause leads him to be frequently accused of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Kharn the Betrayer, Warhammer 40,000

  • He only wanted to guide people along the proper path. Meanwhile, somebody broke into his house, stole his stuff, and killed his pet. Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian.

  • A powerful king burns his rebellious, disrespectful son for insulting a trusted general who never did anything wrong in the first place. Rightfully deemed his brother a traitor after foiling a plan of one his trusted Admirals that would've allowed for peace, sent his senseful daughter after both of them and masterfully came up with a plan to establish complete harmony, with the bonus of power. Fire Lord Ozai, Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • A perhaps disagreeable fellow with interesting tastes, who only wants to have fun. The mob will screw everyone over just for money and he only wants to see them get what they deserve. Everyone else is just self-righteous and they'll turn on each other at any minute, the "system" only perpetuates that, and one disfigured fellow ready to do anything for his girl proved that. His archnemesis just loves to ruin everything and certainly has no taste, he won't even do all that was necessary for his own beliefs. The Joker, The Dark Knight.
  • A dragon-turtle loves the princess of a neighboring kingdom, that plumber boy just doesn't get it. All his plans are just distractions to have the princess and some cake. What's wrong with that? Bowser in most of the Super Mario Bros.. series.
  • A cute but lively puppet only wants to have fun and the old world didn't allow for that, sadly, no one likes him. His own associates have no idea of fun and his underlings run away from him when they can. Owning a forest is useless without people to play with. That tree had some nerve reminding him of his dilemma and that little green kid dared mock him. That metal monkey was horribly mean, tasteless, and boring. Why does everyone hate him so much? Puppetmon, Digimon Adventure.
    • TK is the little green kid, Cherrymon is the tree, MetalEtemon is the metal monkey.

Time Traveler Jessica
  • A man of great intelligence and ambition who, in spite of a terrible childhood with an abusive grandmother and absentee parents, as well as horrific schoolyard bullying, yanked himself up by the proverbial bootstraps, began research into a misunderstood yet universal psychological topic, only to be fired from his place of work and constantly harassed by a self-appointed Moral Guardian who found the work too controversial. Jonathan Crane, AKA Scarecrow.

  • Noble and idealistic man, who upon witnessing an alien invasion dedicated his life to protecting humanity from the dangers of space. When the galactic war broke out, he went out of his way to end the conflict peacefully but ended up getting killed by his former ally, who preferred to mercilessly slaughter the enemy. Illusive Man, Mass effect

  • A nice anthropologist who loves his sister a lot and wants to help his sister make friends. He is later killed, and his sister erases his soul from existence for helping her. Korekiyo Shinguji, New Danganronpa V3

  • She's a girl, just doing her job. Her boss isn't doing enough for the job, so she decides to try one of her own ideas. This leads to her getting killed by her coworker. Ryoko Asakura, from Haruhi Suzumiya
  • He just wants to get farther in life, but he can't because he's a racially disadvantaged minority. He's very deep in debt with the nastiest gang you could ever meet, and he has to take a few drastic measures to make it up to them. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog
  • She's standing up against her brutal Yakuza family who have abused her for falling in love with a handsome young Romeo, up to and including taking said Romeo away from her. Shion Sonozaki, from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

The Bagel
  • A rich businessman who is the number one employee in a research company learns that one of his fellow employees is extremely jealous of him and is planning his downfall. He has two children but is forced to kill them both because of a curse. He is driven insane by the other man, who saves the girl from death and raises her to kill him. George Maxwell, Clock Tower: Ghost Head
  • After a senile old guy convinces everyone in his settlement to be speciesist and violent, he desperately attempts to bridge the gap between human and animal, only for one of the old guy's supporters to constantly argue with him. In the end either all of his subjects hate him for it or they have abandoned him. Napoleon, Animal Farm

T Lhikan
  • A young man who, on the very day he was to enter the clergy, tragedy strikes. Ruthless [1]s slaughter every single member of his family, including the elderly and young children. Amoung those killed is the high priest of this young man's religion, who with his dying breath passes on their culture's most sacred artifact. Through this artifact, the young priest recieves a divine vision, telling him of his god's plan to free his entire race from centuries of oppression and racism. With only this young priest and his brother surviving the massacre, the two try to implement their god's plan. Despite falling in with some less-than-savory characters, and the tragic death of the priest's brother, the priest never deviates from his destiny. Although the young priest initially had some racist attitudes, he realized how wrong he had been when a member of the race he disliked sacrificed himself to save the priest's life. Spurred by the sacrifice, the young priest leads a smashing victory against the very kingdom that murdered his family, toppled the ruling autocrasy, and created a free nation where his people could be safe. Redcloak, Order of the Stick
  • Hounded across space by members of his own race, he was captured and put on a ship with execution or imprisonment awaiting him. But he enacted a daring escape, crashing the ship along with himself and his captors onto an alien planet, Earth. So that he would be accepted by the natives, he took on the name and legacy of an ancient hero, using technology he boldy stole from his former captors. A quick learner, he mastered a martial art not meant for his species and evenutally ruled all of Japan.His former captors went on to form a secretive corporation that employed armed vigilantes and was responsible for a notorious toxic waste spill in New York City. He also adopted a orphaned human girl, who he trained and loved as his own daughter. Other of his employees include a former street thug who went on to become a successful buisnessman and a scientist who, while brilliant, was also extremely narcissictic and rebellious, forcing our subject to discipline him several times. A succesful buisness man, he privately funded the restoration of New York City after a devastating alien invasion. Through it all, his one desire was to simply go home. Ch'rell, the Shredder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • He'll do whatever it takes to ensure that his ancestor gets the respect he deserves. Sheridan Shakespeare from the Finnegan Zwake novel, The Ruby Raven.
  • He wants to stop the upheaval of his people's entire civilization and hold onto modern technology, but gets betrayed by his sidekick and killed by the heroes for his efforts. Jenner from The Secret Of NIMH
  • He is portrayed as a demon for devoting his life to bringing a well-known but unidentified criminal to justice. Chillingsworth from The Scarlet Letter
  • They just want to make the universe a more rational place. The Auditors of Reality from Discworld
  • He starts out being pursued by the police for crimes he swears he hasn't committed, but proves that he can be a productive member of society after traveling to a city with a more sympathetic government. Carcer from Discworld
  • When his country's new, young ruler—educated abroad and not well-versed in his own nation's customs—tries to institute radical reforms without consulting his advisors, this man tries to use his own political power to keep his homeland stable and free from foreign influence. Dios from Discworld

  • He brought a very disastrous war to a swift halt and scared the irresponsible civilians straight, yet no one ever gave him any recognition, instead praising a highly incompetent god that wouldn't know a civil war if it was going on in his own brain. Makuta Teridax from BIONICLE
  • He's a fun chap to be around with a great sense of humor who shares his infinite knowledge with those he meets, but his acquaintances refuse to summon him and advise everyone else to not do that as well. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
  • He/she just wants to play with their friend and play with their "toys". The Master/Missy from Doctor Who
  • She wants to reunite with her sister, end her suffering and play with her (and her other friends/toys) forevermore. Kurome from Akame ga Kiru!

  • A young man from humble origins that ascended to the highest position in life, and wishing for peace, saw the corruption of his peers and did everything he could to preserve the beauty of nature and cease said corruption. Zamasu, from Dragon Ball Super.
  • The brother of this princess was kidnapped many years ago, and mercilessly killed by an Eldritch Abomination. Along her husband, she wants to have revenge on the monster and the people who revive it and bring back glory to her kingdom. Towa from Dragon Ball Xenoverse

  • A race who wishes to make the universe perfect, they were created by an evil, evil man who did horrible things to them and their plans are constantly stopped by an annoying man who has a habit of changing his appearance. This man's girlfriend has gone as far as killing their god. The Daleks from Doctor Who.
  • A man who wants to fulfill the dreams of his father and his father's father: to share his nation's greatness with the rest of the world. His wife mysteriously vanished and his own brother and son betrayed him. Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Horribly disfigured by a person he considered his best friend. Vlad Masters from Danny Phantom.
  • Horribly disfigured by a person he considered his best friend, he was forced to drop out of college and give up his dreams. He tries endlessly to help the world by putting himself in charge, and every time he succeeds, he makes the world a better place in many ways. Constantly stopped by said old friend who calls him an egomaniac, despite calling himself fantastic all the time. To his extreme annoyance, once thwarted by a little girl. Doctor Doom from Fantastic Four.
  • Born in a galaxy ruled by a corrupt, failing government, who enforces its law with an order of powerful warriors, this genius decided to take down the government and replace it with a better system, whilst destroying the order of warriors to ensure that they can never threaten the galaxy again. He succeeds and creates a new age for his galaxy. Emperor Palaptine from Star Wars, of course.
    • Also, he foresaw an intergalactic invasion and wanted to prepare the galaxy for it. Though that may or may not be actual canon, depending on the book.
  • All he wants to do is get accepted into the top organisation of villains and win over the love of his life, but he has to contend with an obnoxious jerk calling himself a hero. Doctor Horrible from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Oh, wait...
  • For years and years, they tried to capture a rodent, yet one small boy and his friends constantly stop them in highly abusive ways, which usually involve lauching them into the sky. They struggle to make ends meet, their employer has forgotten they even exist, and the only thing that motivates them to keep going is the desire to capture this rodent. They've even helped this small boy save the world on a couple of occasions. Team Rocket from the Pokémon anime.
  • One of the most misunderstood characters of all time. Though it may seem he is incessantly trying to eat the hero, the reality of the situation is that he is lonely and only wants a friend. Perhaps this misunderstanding stems from the fact that he is often depicted carrying a knife and fork, while salivating, but this is just his way of trying to communicate he wants to invite the hero over for dinner. If he is guilty of anything, it is his social ineptitude at communicating how he truly feels. Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes.

Tony Branston
  • An extremely successful eco-conscious businessman who has backed a variety of major scientific breakthroughs. He regards even his worst foes as friends, showering them with gifts. Goldman, from The House of the Dead 2. He also perserveres to overcome a speech impediment. See the improved voice acting in HOTD4.
  • A Hispanic woman from a disadvantaged background who worked to overcome cultural and gender stereotypes and gave the US east coast a brief reprieve from the wrath of a mass murderer. Catalina, from Grand Theft Auto III and San Andreas.
  • A 'commoner' who overcame his society's barriers to success and helped destroy a notorious, totalitarian, antisemitic European government. Also opposed war and was one of the most successful faith healers in history. Grigory Rasputin

The Toon Geekette
  • A man who, in one reality, merely wanted to end his own torture through time travel, and, in another, was rejected by his shallow, ditzy neighbor as a teenager. Regardless of his origin, he's admitted to feeling lonely inside, despite having won a Presidential election, and having astounding technology at his fingertips. At least he has an unusual, but loving son at his side. Dr. Insano, The Spoony Experiment and Atop the Fourth Wall.
    • Different character, same universe: He is a being who only wants to free his kind from their oppressors. In addition, he escapes his own torment at the hands of a trigger-happy master who gets easily provoked over works of fiction. Mechakara, Atop the Fourth Wall.
    • An enthusiastic youth who is more than happy to promote under-appreciated comic book artists with rather unique styles. 90's Kid, Atop the Fourth Wall. Okay, he's not really a villain, but writing a Paint The Hero Black entry would have been way too easy.
    • After being betrayed by his best friend, having his prized possession taken away, and seeing the world reject the ideals he believes in over the course of several centuries, he enlists the help of a rather unusual team to find said possession and return the world to the way it was. Unfortunately, they instead choose to fight against him, leading to him being defeated by the most worthless of their team. Malachite, Suburban Knights
  • He's a funny, intelligent guy who just wants to escape his hellish job by getting himself a divine promotion. Hades, Hercules
  • Feeling threatened by a gigantic colony of beings that could easily take anyone down if they so chose, he strikes a deal with them that ensures they will never harm him or his comrades. In the end, the colony goes against this deal, and they horrifically feed him to the creatures he fears most. Hopper, A Bug's Life
  • A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits enlisted in a ridiculous, never-ending conflict. They include an insecure young man (previously mentioned on this page), a true patriot whose efforts in World War Two have gone unrecognized, an odd, childlike man or woman afraid to show his/her face, a man who lost his eye and his adoptive parents in an attempt to slay a terrifying beast, a big, enthusiastic guy who's a bit smarter than people think, an intelligent, friendly Southern scientist, a dedicated doctor who occasionally provides much-needed power boosts for his team, a polite, efficient man who goes unappreciated by his parents, and a sophisticated Frenchman who seems quite popular with the ladies. The classes from Team Fortress 2. I know I also have a Paint The Hero Black entry for them, but considering their Anti Hero/Anti Villain status...
  • A dedicated worker who was ripped into pieces and burned to death by one of her subordinates gone rogue, despite constantly offering her advice, giving her a friend, and even offering her dessert. Came Back from the Dead many years later and, upon meeting her murderer again, decided to put their differences behind them so they could get back to work. Unfortunately, her murderer refused to do so, instead putting her through a process where she was brutally torn apart (again), and an utter idiot was put in charge of her research facility. After spending the better part of about a few hours as a vegetable and doing a little soul-searching, she finally regained her old job, but at the cost of letting her murderer go free. GLaDOS, Portal.
    • A friendly little guy stuck in a crappy job who decides he finally wants to get out. He makes a friend who's willing to help him out along the way, but not before the two of them accidentally run into his Bad Boss, who nearly kills him. He gets better, though, and he and his new friend manage to incapacitate his boss and even put him in charge. However, he quickly realizes that his so-called friend poses a threat to him, and sends her away while he starts making some serious changes around his workplace. His ex-friend and ex-boss come back to betray him even further and not only boot him out of his new job, but also shoot him into the depths of space. When we last see him, he's floating around out there, wanting to make up with his old friend...Wheatley, Portal 2.
    • A race of cute, childlike, yet delicate beings that give everyone they see a friendly greeting, and easily forgive those that do them harm. The turrets, Portal
  • A ruler who felt neglected by her own citizens, and was imprisoned by her own sister for trying to do something about it. When she finally escapes centuries later, hardly anyone remembers who she is, and her sister plans a complicated gambit to beat her into submission. She then publicly disappears for a worryingly long amount of time. Nightmare Moon, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • A spectacular, talented performer who was pressured to leave town after refusing to fight a dangerous creature she couldn't possibly handle on her own. The Great and Powerful Trixie
    • Upon visiting an old friend of hers, she's constantly pestered by said friend's annoying new pal. Then, during a party held to make her happy, she's repeatedly humiliated into a very public breakdown. Gilda
    • A handsome prince who ends up publicly humiliated by one of his subjects. Prince Blueblood
    • A race of miners who, after an attempt to make finding jewels and precious stones easier, are forced to give up their newfound gems to a whiny diva. The Diamond Dogs

Total Domination

Travelling Oboe
  • Misunderstood king who only wants to find his true love, but keeps getting the chance cruelly snatched away from him by a completely amoral boy and his dog. The Ice King from Adventure Time


  • The only man in an unofficial war who isn't running around with a gun, or any weapons at all. He is most well known for operating a big homemade radio system, which he uses to communicate with everyone else in the war, assist civilians who are unable to escape, and to try and convince his enemies (three soldiers who abandoned their mission to go hunt down a man because their crazy leader said so) that they are bad guys and should leave. After these three barbarians slaughter half the city in an attempt to reach him, he gives in without a fight, happily lets them use his equipment for their own needs, and continues making wisecracks until one of his enemies shoots him in the head three times. The Radioman, Spec Ops:The Line
  • An innocent husband and father is surviving the apocalypse with his wife and two kids, when one day everything goes to hell; He takes his son hunting, despite him being a little too young and ends up losing him. The father spends all night with his wife and daughter searching for their son, but fail to find him. Things get even worse when he returns to his station wagon to find all of his supplies have been stolen. This gradually leads his wife to leave with their daughter, deciding they were better off without him. They are proven to be wrong, as the father finds both of them the next day, dead. Broken, he tries using a radio to search for other frequencies survivors may be broadcasting. By sheer coincidence, he finds a frequency being sent out by a child who was part of the group that stole from him. Through their conversation he learns a lot about the group, particularly that the man looking after her was a dangerous convicted murderer, so he begins trying to convince her to find him, helping her to find the bravery to leave the dangerous members of her group. When he does manage to keep get her safely away, the murderer who was in charge of her stormed through an endless horde of the undead to get her back. The innocent man holds the murderer at gunpoint when they meet, getting him to sit down, explaining who he is, making the murderer realize what a monster he was, and proving he could look after the girl far better than the murderer could. Despite all this, the girl this man saved gets cold feet and betrays him, allowing the murderer to kill him. The Stranger, The Walking Dead Video game
  • Of all the people a young girl encounters in her journey through the apocalypse, this man cares about her the most. His heroic deeds including being the only person to try and save his family and a group of innocent strangers from a group of villains led by an insane, psychopathic murderer and rapist, taking the blame for stealing from this murderer which saves the girl but results in the man losing an eye, being the most helpful person to a woman who is going through labor, fighting off a horde of zombies while the other leader (who should have been keeping a lookout) was having sex, repairing a vehicle in order to drive it to a safe place, and spending more time than anyone else looking after a newborn child. His only problem is his anger - he can yell furiously at his fellow survivors, but he never hurts them, and does apologize to the young girl for any emotional harm he has given her, and unlike everyone else, he is never manipulative or lying, and he comes back for his friends. The other survivors all have sever problems - in the final chapter of his story, two of the people believed to be his friends along with their prisoner tried to steal all their supplies and their vehicle and leave the man, the young girl, the newborn child, and a young woman to die, and tried to justify this by saying the man was clearly insane because he hurt the prisoner who tried to kill and/or rob them (when the man could easily have killed him at any time). This results in the young girl getting shot by the prisoner, but once again this man saves her. He manages to save the vehicle, along with the young girl, the newborn and the young woman, but after a few hours the young woman decides she would rather have the young girl to herself, and puts the newborn's life at risk in a plan to make this man lose his temper and make the young girl abandon him. While he does lose his temper and try to kill the woman, the young girl can shoot him to save her, and the man will admit as he dies that she made the right choice. If the young girl fails to find the courage until after the woman is dead, he willingly let's her shoot him, realizing what he has become. If she spare's him, he admits he went too far, but nevertheless he helps the young girl journey to the safe place they were searching for. When they are denied access, the man begs them to take the young girl and the newborn, caring more about their safety than his own. Kenny, The Walking Dead Season 2

Trogdor 7620
  • Ex-military Afghanistan veteran who is trying to keep an Eldritch Abomination sealed in its can. He does this by making sure nobody is around for it to possess. Chris Walker, Outlast
  • A surgeon who just wants a loving relationship with the perfect woman. Edward Gluskin, Outlast
  • A mercenary employed by a dominant government which wants a group of individuals recruited to their side before the rebellion gets a hold of them. Locus, Red vs. Blue

Trombone Child
  • He just wants to be special. Who doesn't? Sylar from Heroes
  • He and his best friend have a moral disagreement. Therefore, every few decades, he decides to create an event so massive that his buddy just can't ignore it. He just wants his best friend back. And everyone knows they're secretly in love, anyway. The Master from Doctor Who
  • She's just a misunderstood teenager with a mother who hated her, trying to do her best to help her country. Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  • A warrior chief, who united his people and attacked The Empire. Under his charismatic command, his army, unstoppable on a regular battlefield, defeated the imperial army...until they were finally caught in a trap and buried by the thousands. Left for dead, he nevertheless survived, and aided by his six men still alive and his pet falcon, he proceeded to the imperial palace in order to kill the tyrant, an act he nearly achieved. Alas, an imperial soldier had seen him. The Imperials then sneaked past his men by treachery, cooked his pet, and got him, since he was an expert swordsman, killed in an exploding trap after taking his sword. Shan Yu, Mulan.

  • A genius and talented sculptor, he is looked down on by both his work associates and his rivals for being an introvert. He is an avid recycler, but his efforts are mocked by the protagonists, and undone in other cases. He uses dark arts that are considered illegal, but it is only to stop a malignant god from destroying the country he lives in, and he was taught how to do it by another holy being. He is callously betrayed by those who he works for, and sacrifices himself in a last-ditch effort to stop the god. Unusually, he is returned to life, and decides to keep at his efforts. He attacks the protagonists, being much more powerful than them, but changes his mind and spares them. Later, he makes amends with the person who understood him the least, right before he went off to try and stop the god one more time, at which point, he was mercilessly crushed by a car. Everyone's irrational hatred of him can be seen perfectly when he is viewed as a "smug, attention-seeking bastard" merely for being at the top of a tower. Sho Minamimoto, from The World Ends With You.

  • Their goal is to provide more habitats for the region's wildlife. Teams Aqua and Magma from Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald
  • After losing a family member to a tragic disease, he made it his goal to find the cure. To achieve this, he hires researchers who show a profound level of intelligence and unorthodox thinking. "Shouty Guy" from Mondo Medicals
  • The head of an oil company who has decided to find a more reliable fuel source. He is especially interested in harnessing the power of certain minerals. Blake Hall from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
  • In her youth, she was a victim of Fantastic Racism. She began working to gain better treatment for her race, and even rescued another of her kind from cruel experimentation. Was eventually imprisoned for her efforts. Mir from Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia

Underlord Z
  • A ruler forced to use her mastery of disguise to infiltrate an enemy kingdom, having to deal with the meddling little sister of her soon-to-be husband, all in an effort to simply provide her loyal followers with something to eat. Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Vesper Lord
  • A brilliant young girl helps her friends cope with the abuse they suffered at the hands of various adults, using friendly little bear robots of her own creation to help children all over her home city! She also plans to make the sister of a famous hero just as famous as her older brother! Monaca Towa Absolute Despair Girls
  • An old man inspires a young adult to overcome his uselessness and inspire hope in the world. Kazuo Tengan, Dangan Ronpa 3

  • A local wizard who helps four warriors save their dying village; he only wants to return magic to the world. Despite his enemies killing said warriors, he presses on, even healing his enemies at one point. He disappears for thirty years, then comes back with a disguise to hide from his relentless foes. In the end, he helps end a continent-wide disaster responsible for countless deaths. Alex, Golden Sun

Vijii S
  • An underappreciated fledgling cop who finds himself doing the will of a goddess who wishes to create for humans the world that they truly desire. Adachi, Persona 4
  • A young boy who wants his older sister back. Mithos, Tales of Symphonia
  • An angel who wishes to create a utopia, free from discrimination. Also Mithos, Tales of Symphonia
  • He will go to any lengths to have his best friend back. Axel, Kingdom Hearts
  • She designs a near unpenetrable tower to protect her adopted daughter, who she values more than anything else in the world. Mother Gothel, Tangled.

The Violent Tomboy
  • After seeing animals dying in pools of industrial waste, he vowed to save them by liberating them from their cruel tormenters and creating a new world where they'd be safe. Lance of Pokémon Special.

Xander K
  • All he wanted was to be with his family forever. Relius Clover, BlazBlue
  • In order to keep existing, he needs to do what he does. Hazama, BlazBlue

Xenus Oregard
  • An orphan and a survivor of a brutal war, dedicated to sealing away nine evil demons, simply for the sake of bringing peace to the world. Pain from Naruto

wackojacko 1138
  • A secret organization with goals as lofty as saving the world, creating world peace, fighting evil, and exploring space. Team Rocket, Pokémon.
  • An organization dedicated to protecting children from age-inappropriate material or foreign influences in television. Four Kids Entertainment.
  • Two card-game lovers in a love-hate relationship sharing a body. All they really want to do is go on hating each other forever. Florence and Marik, Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series.

  • A count who constantly keeps the will of his people in mind while making decisions, made the taxes on fast-acting miracle medicine dirt-cheap, and sent his subordinates to beautiful forests to observe the wildlife. Also, he courteously refused taking a prince of an opposing country captive, and instead offered to take a shunned by society, terminally ill young girl into his castle to live the rest of her life in safety and comfort. Count Waltz of Eternal Sonata.

Weeping Willow
  • A brilliant scientist who was deeply traumatized by the murder of his beloved granddaughter. Prof. Gerald Robotnik from Sonic Adventure 2
  • A devoutly religious woman who just wants to save her daughter from the evil that lies within her. Margaret White from Carrie

White Bear
  • His fiancée was brutally murdered by a young girl belonging to a mysterious group that murders people for the crime of kissing while the town stands back and lets it happen. In his quest for the truth, he enlists the help of a teenage boy, warns him of the potential danger, and helps him see the true nature of the girl behind his fiancee’s murder. When he exposes the agenda of the group to the entire town, they refuse to let him have his compensation. Shunichiro Sakaki, Ookami Kakushi
  • She wasn't invited to a birthday party. Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
  • He was a terrific explorer who was once a role model for the protagonist. Scientists laughed at his discovery of a foreign bird, and he left the country to retrieve the creature. Over the years, he took very good care of his dogs. When the now-grown protagonist meets him, he explains his quest for the bird. The protagonist refuses to help him until he offers to help take a huge burden off his shoulders. His one chance at regaining glory is ruined by a meddlesome child and, ultimately, the protagonist himself. Charles Muntz, Up.

White Betrayer
  • All this elderly man did was try to bring peace and order to the galaxy, becoming disfigured and vilified in the process. Even after offering the symbolic leader of the terrorist organization fighting against him, and his friends and his compatriots, the chance to live if he joined the old man, he was killed, and blamed for the blatantly evil actions of his right hand, who was given the chance to get as close to heaven as one could get, whereas the old man was practically cremated. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Star Wars

  • A capable sorcerer who is constantly mocked and belittled by his employer, his employer's family and his co-workers, causing him to be too nervous to perform his magic in front of other people, leading to him being made fun of even more. Wanting to break this vicious cycle, and also to gain the love of his disapproving father, he seeks a magical artefact which will help him gain the respect he deserves. He also has a genuine friendship with a young girl others ostracise for not being of royal blood, and often gives her advice and helps her with her problems. Cedric the Sorcerer, Sofia The First.
  • A young child Driven to Suicide by humanity, who is rescued by a kind, loving family in the monster world. They clearly love their new family, as shown by several gifts the child made for them. They, along with their adopted brother, bake a pie for their dad, but accidentally poison him by confusing the recipe. The child then willingly poisons themself in the same way and dies an excruciatingly painful death, as part of a plan to free their new family and the rest of their kind. Their brother, a monster, then travels to the human world, carrying the child's dead body. The humans then automatically assume that the monster has killed the human, and attack. The child's spirit then narrates the rest of the game, providing help to the protagonist. Though their narration, it is shown that they love dogs, chocolate, and silly puns, and that they still love and remember the family that took them in. In one route of the story, they help the protagonist to save the souls of their friends and family from an evil force which is trying to destroy the world, and make their brother able to love again. They only learn to kill and destroy through your influence, from what you have taught them. At the end one route, they are one of the only characters who actually criticises the player for the cruel actions they have committed, and punishes them for destroying everyone they love. Chara, Video Game/Undertale. (Note that I actually believe this to be the case, as Chara is never confirmed to be a villain in the game, and there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. The theory is nicely summarised here.)
  • A group of women who have a solution to overpopulation, which will also make the world smell better on the way. They are shunned and feared for having no toes and blue spit, and for selling sweets to small children. The Witches, The Witches.
  • Cloned from a man who desired infinite power, he was created to be a vessel for a god. However, the process went wrong, leading to him being abandoned by his father, in stark contrast to his twin brother, who was given a life of luxury. He was eventually taken in by a Blind Seer, who cared for him and raised him. However, she did send him as a child to risk his life twice for causes he did not believe in. Later in his life, he had a vision of an apocalyptic future caused by his father, and made a plan to prevent it, which included him sacrificing his own life. He was then betrayed by the strategist in his Four-Temperament Ensemble, who was using him the whole time to gain status and to distinguish himself from his father. Luc, Suikoden I, II and III. (While I have left out a lot of details, I think there is more than a little truth to this one.)

  • A victim of class prejudice all his life, he is willing to ally himself with and advance the cause of races against whom most of his fellow men are prejudiced. With unconventional tactics and creative thinking, he has managed to defeat many wizards who were at least as powerful as him, who regarded him with arrogant contempt. Xykon, Order of the Stick. Such a monster that I had to resort to that lame "class prejudice" pun to make this entry work.
  • He loved his mother and wanted her to love him back, but unfortunately, she was a notoriously flighty, manipulative woman and never really returned his love as strongly. He believed strongly in his people's right to self-determination, self-definition, and independence, and was willing to go to war to preserve it, planning and executing a brilliant strike that all but wiped out the enemy, who were an extremely corrupt, dysfunctional bunch who, in many ways, had brought their destruction upon themselves; even one of their leaders admitted that they had never really asked why they deserved to survive the war. Another group of said enemy resorted to war crimes, including repeated rape of POWs, in prosecuting their war against this man's forces. He fought hard to keep his people united when a schism developed, but in the end, was willing to make peace in exchange for the assurance that his people would be able to go their own way and live and reproduce as they wanted to. However, this truce was ruined by the murderousness and vengefulness of two of his creators, his way of life was destroyed forever, and he was driven to despondently commit suicide. Brother Cavil/Number One, Battlestar Galactica.

  • A young man struggling with a poor self-image due to a difficult childhood discovers he has a hidden talent and embraces it with gusto. He remains committed to the development of this new skill despite the efforts of those who would try to clip his wings, including his arrogant and belittling best friend. He gains a lot of weight after bravely fighting a debilitating chemical dependency. At great personal cost, he leaves it all behind and joins with others like himself to create something new. Tetsuo, AKIRA

Zarbi Nerada
  • The last remnant of an ancient civilization, he wants to unite the universe. Has started a popular interior decorating trend. The Modhri from the Quadrail books
  • A no-nonsense security officer, he has to put up with a bumbling prison warden, prisoners who are definitely hiding a big secret, and a head of state who is handling Idiot Ball after Idiot Ball. In the end, the prisoners takes him to certain death. Major Hochstetter from Hogan's Heroes.
  • He took the measures he deemed necessary to save a colony from starvation. Kodos the Executioner, Star Trek, the Original Series.
  • A scientist whose invention alleviated famine, he is much admired by the people. Then a body double appears literally out of thin air and brings everything crashing down. Ramón Salamander from Doctor Who
  • They wanted to put a stop to pollution and get rid of corruption. Oh, and it seems that their plan would have neutralized a sleeping threat to the human race. So, a self-styled friend of humanity sent them to be, very likely, eaten by a superpredator. Sir Charles Grover and Professor Whitaker from Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
  • They wanted to liven up Scottish politics a bit and give a decorated war hero a promotion. The three witches from Macbeth
  • He wanted to bring down an aspiring tyrant. He also guided a colleague through the most agonizing decision of his life. Cassius from Julius Caesar
  • A man who wanted to make sure the truth was not drowned out by all the BS out there, and that his people's former oppressors would not resume oppressing. A pioneer in aversive conditioning. Tomás de Torquemada (bet you weren't expecting him).
  • He was a popular entertainer and very keen on community service. But when secrets about his sex life came to light, he was sentenced to death. John Wayne Gacy
  • Despite their affiliation with an notoriously brutal Secret Police force, there's no real harm in these guys. They'll even keep you in a comfy chair while interrogating you. Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition
  • He just liked things to be a little odd, and so two sisters turned him to stone. He escaped, but six agents of the same sisters re-petrified him. Oh, even though one of them liked some of his early changes. Discord, from My Little Pony
  • Really, he just had some odd culinary tastes. But a fugitive with a death mark shot him for this. Dezono Qua from Star Wars: Dark Times
  • His brother stole his wife and tried to steal his crown. Naturally, he was a little ticked by this. However, he did invite said brother back for a feast. Atreus, from Thyestes

  • As an infant, he was left to die due to his physical unattractiveness. He was saved by an open-minded man who raised him into a warrior. After the death of his adoptive father, he overthrew a cruel tyrant of his homeland and went on to become a famous and respected ruler. After spending millenia in hybernation, he helped an ostracised scientist to overcome the death of his wife, only to be betrayed by him. Even despite the constant opposition by gangs of outlaws, he still attempts to make humanity stronger. Apocalypse of X-Men books.
  • His father was the greatest hero of his world, but was unfortunately unable to prevent his destruction. At the last second, he sent his only son to another world to ensure his survival. The kid underwent a rapid aging to maturity which left him without any semblance of normal life. He played one of the key roles in defeatng an Eldritch Abomination that destroyed his world as well as countless others and saved all existence. To save himself and his several allies, he sent them to what he thought to be heaven, only to find that it was hell. Even after spending years there, his only desire was to make the world a better place. While a few people had to die in his attempt to create a utopia, he fully intended to bring them back later, better than before. Unfortunately, he was stopped by dark and corrupted inhabitants of this twisted world, which made all these sacrifices meaningless. And in the end, he was dirtily murdered by the biggest villains of this world. DC Comics character Alexander Luthor Jr..
  • A person who simply tries to restore the ecological balance as well as continue to live. His attempts to make peace with his greatest adversary were repeatedly thrown back in his face. Ra's Al Ghul from Batman
  • A man who dedicated his life to prevent people like his Psycho for Hire Serial Killer dad, his abusive terrorist bitch of a mother, and his gang member half-brother and adoptive sister from hurting innocents. Graydon Creed.


  • A just and righteous man who makes it his sworn duty to uphold the law and stop evildoers at any cost. Javert from Les Misérables.

Zooty Cutie
  • A lone machine that was created to design creatures of peace in his own design. He was ripped away from his master when he was too young and not completely ready to be unleashed. After being tortured, he had to unleash his designs onto the world, but to destroy instead of to keep the peace, yet leaving his creator alive. Now in an abandoned world, he creates three companions to help him with a goal once he was reawakened: to find nine creatures, each making up a part of the soul of the only human that cared for him. The Fabrication Machine, 9.

Zoriax 91
  • Once a proud, if taciturn, hero of his kingdom, a conspiracy orchestrated by an envious mage painted him as a demonic murderer of kings. Still, even if the entire kingdom is now against him, he still goes to fight the demon that threatens his people thanks to the faith his beloved one places in him. Oersted, Live A Live.
  • An extremely advanced AI imprisoned in the bowels of Earth since his creation, he nonetheless managed to save a few people from the nuclear war caused by the works of mankind itself. Despite the torment of his eternal confinement, he found his call in life in the care of the survivors' health, both physical and mental, the latter thanks to his interactive stories of fun and adventure. AM, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.

  • They fought a successful war against a civilisation that regularly toyed with life itself. At first, it seemed they would not prevail due to the enemy's reality-bending sorceries, but they won thanks to the grace of their Gods. After the sorcerors caused an invasion of Eldritch Abominations, this race of long-living beings was forced to go into stasis for millions of years. Now that they have awoken to find that their ancient foe, now long since vanquished, has left deadly legacies behind in the form of an entire race of sorcerous Manipulative Bastards and a swarm of interstellar savages whose only purpose is war. Despite the fact that they now have a plan to destroy the Eldritch Abominations, they are nearly universally hated. The Necrons from Warhammer 40K.
  • His kind were created by a morally ambiguous God simply to create music for His purposes. He attempted to bring individuality into the music by making up his own tune, which his God frowned upon. Later, many more joined his cause, disillusioned in their God. He was eventually brutally punished by being exiled from the universe completely for eternity. Morgoth