Video Game / Friday the 13th
Next time he has a knife, and he'll attack you with it.

You and your friends are dead.
—The infamous, but slightly cool, Game Over screen.

Released in 1989, Friday the 13th is yet another licensed NES game published by LJN Toys and developed by Atlus this time based on the Friday the 13th films.

This game puts you into the role of one of six camp counselors, who must protect themselves and the kids from the wrath of the Ax-Crazy Jason Voorhees. The gameplay consists of wandering from cabin to cabin, waiting for Jason to enter one so you can fight him. The game takes place within three days and Jason grows stronger with each passing day. Your ultimate goal is to survive and defeat Jason.

Your main weapon is a bunch of rocks which have a tough time hitting anything. The map screen makes getting lost and confused very easy. And Jason's mask is light blue for no reason. In general, this game is not very well liked, though some people have derived some enjoyment after figuring out how to play it.

An action figure based on Jason's appearance in the game has been made.

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