Video Game: Stick RPG

2nd Dimensional awesomeness.
Stick RPG is a game created by Xgen Studios. It is a game revolving around a man who one day wakes up in the 2nd dimension. You play as the character of your naming, and Get various jobs at Mcsticks and New Lines Incorporated. You can buy various new houses and accessories for said houses. You can interact with a few other stick figures, and even deal drugs.There was a sequel, Stick RPG 2, which takes place in the 2nd and a half dimension, with a more defined plot of finding 4d objects to get back to the 3rd dimension.

Tropes specific to Stick RPG go here:
  • Bland-Name Product: McStick's
  • Classic Cheat Code: HEYZEUS!!!
  • Fireballs: When you have three attack points in a bar fight, you can toss these.
  • Holiday Mode: Play for an in-game "Year" and you get a red car, and if you max all stats, you can become President/Dictator of sticks.
  • Jive Turkey: The Convenience Store owner.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: The Energy Beam attack, the best one you can get in a bar fight.
  • Karma Meter: Your karma can run anywhere from -100 to +100. You gain karma by doing things like going to work, studying, and working out. You lose karma by doing things like giving the kid on the corner smokes, dealing cocaine, and getting into bar fights.
  • Loophole Abuse: You can easily become a millionaire in the game by saving, betting all your money at Blackjack, saving if you win, reloading if you lose, and repeating.
  • Mega Corp.: New Lines Incorporated.
  • No Plot? No Problem!
  • One Stat to Rule Them All: If you decide to become the CEO of New Lines Inc., Intelligence will become this. Inverted when you want to trade cocaine.
Tropes specific to Stick RPG 2 go here: