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Video Game: March Of War
Warhammer 40,000 meets World War II with more than a little of Command & Conquer: Red Alert tossed in for good measure. That is the best way to describe March of War. Billed as a free-to-play, online, cross-platform, multiplayer, turn-based, strategy game by ISOTX(same company behind the Iron Grip series so you got an idea of the mindset of the developers). Taking place in an alternate version of the 1940s, which is amongst other things heavily infused with a massive dose of Diesel Punk, in which a world war is being waged by six unique factions. They are:

  • European Alliance: A group of European Nations, lead by Germany, France and Great Britain, united together in defense of Soviet Aggression and a desire to reclaim their lost colonies in Africa, the Pacific and South America.
  • The Latin Junta: A Latin American military dictatorship forged out of the rebellion of several European Colonies. Originally funded by the Soviets in hopes of turning the colonies into Russian assets their interpretation of socialist ideology and their desire for self-sufficiency did not go over too good with their North American neighbors or their Soviet backers.
  • The African Warlords: A group of African colonial rebels that were inspired by the success of the Latin Junta and kicked out their European overlords. Unfortunately, the African political climate in the aftermath of this success is chaotic and coups are frequent.
  • The United Republic: A union of the United States and Canada, brought about by the collapse of the British Empire and Britain being unable to support its former colony militarily or financially thereby causing Canada to seek annexation by the United States.
  • The Soviet Union: Formed out of the wreckage of the Russian Empire following the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881. The current Red government wants to spread the progress of communism to the rest of the proletariat of the world; whither they want it or not.
  • The Shogun Empire: Fueled by the belief that their God-Emperor is destined to rule all the lands under the sun, the Tokugawa Shogunate conquered Korea and other neighboring countries in the 1600s and 1700s. During the first war against the Soviets the Shogun Empire took the opportunity to invade China and annex several Pacific colonies belonging to the United Republic and the European Alliance. Oh, they also bombed Pearl Harbor in 1911.

Currently the game is early access testing and development. The official website is here. The game also has a wiki here.

This game provides examples of:

  • Action Bomb / Suicide Attack:
    • The African Warlords have the Demo Truck. Pieced together from old tanks and cars and filled to the brim with dynamite.
    • The Shogun Empire has a Kamikaze Attack as an army consumable, guess what it does.
  • The Alliance: The European Alliance.
  • Alternate History: Rather than being waged by the Axis and the Allies, this version of World War 2 is being waged by six different superpowers in a massive free-for-all.
    • The back story of the Shogun Empire indicates that instead of embracing isolationism like they did in real life during the 17th Century, the Tokugawa Shogunate instead embraced imperialism and decided to become the Great Britain of the Far East.
    • The Soviet Union was also founded three decades earlier than it was in real life.
  • Amazon Brigade: The Latin Junta has literal Amazon Women Warriors in it's army.
  • Anachronism Stew:
    • The game is set in the 1940s but has attack helicopters that look like they belong in the 1960s.
    • One of the European Alliance's armored vehicles is a Panhard EBR armored car, that in real life was designed before World War, but is produced after it.
    • The Shogun Empire actually uses Korean Archers as ranged support troops. In 1940s, serving beside tanks and machine guns.
  • Arrows on Fire: Courtesy of the Shogun Empire's Korean Archers, now with dynamite for that extra bang! Junta Amazons also use them.
  • Assimilation Plot: A cultural version. It's not enough for the Shogun Empire to just simply conquer territory; they explicitly aim to erase the cultural identity of everyone they conquer and make it their own, so that there are no national identities or different religions; there is only the Empire and its Divine Emperor.
  • Awesome Personnel Carrier: The Latin Junta's Assault Bus.
  • Badass Army: All of them.
  • The Berserker: Junta Hulks have an ability called Berserk, which gives them +50% movement and attack damage for several turns.
  • The Brute: The Latin Junta has an infantry unit called the Hulks. Guess why they got that name.
  • Canada, Eh?: Canadian Mounties serve as an infantry unit in the United Republic.
  • Cannon Fodder: Basic infantry units such as Soviet Conscripts or Latin Junta Peasant Militia.
  • Civil Warcraft:
    • Episode II: Tropical Thunder featured the main forces of the Latin Junta clashing with Che Guevara's troops.
    • Episode IV: Exalted Inferno deals with a Civil War in the Shogun Empire with three factions warring to place their own candidate on Imperial throne.
  • Cold Sniper:
    • The Soviets have two snipers in their army; one regular anti-personnel, one anti-tank.
    • The Latin Junta has the Hunters, which are anti-personnel snipers.
  • Commie Land: Apparently the Soviet Union still managed to be formed and is one of the dominant world powers despite all the other changes to the timeline.
  • Commissar Cap: Oh, this shows up a bit. To start with it is part of the uniform of the Soviet Comrade; a support infantry unit that is, what else, a political officer.
  • Cossacks: Cossack Cavalry is used by the European Alliance.
  • Death from Above: Each faction has something to rain destruction upon their enemy.
    • The Soviet Union tends to be a very artillery heavy faction.
    • The EA has V2 Missile strikes and Carpet Bombing as army consumables.
    • African Warlords have the Dynamite Drop.
    • The UR has the Fuel Bomb.
    • Latin Junta has the Air Ambush.
    • The Shogun Empire has the Fear Rocket.
  • Diesel Punk: Of the Diesel Weird War variety.
  • Drill Tank: Used by the African Warlords.
  • The Empire: The Soviet Union and the Shogun Empire.
    • The European Alliance is technically a federation of former Empires motivated partly by the necessity of collective defense and partly by the desire to get their colonies back.
  • Earthquake Machine: Seismic Bomb, an EA army consumable, calls in a Stuka dive bomber with an earthquake bomb payload.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: The African Warlords use trained apes as shock troops.
  • Expy:
    • Both the Latin Junta and the African Warlords have a lot in common with the Global Liberation Army from Command & Conquer: Generals.
    • The Latin Junta Jungle Warrior seems to be channeling Rambo.
    • The Soviet Conqueror tank looks a lot like the original Soviet Heavy Tank in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
  • Faction Calculus:
    • The Horde: The Soviet Union and the Shogun Empire. Early on tends to focus on massed infantry assaults and most Soviet infantry have a 20% chance to activate For the Motherland. When activated, the squad, and any friendly squads nearby immediately gain +25 damage for three turns. Combine this with the People's Truck and Comrade propaganda boost and you get a turbocharged human wave attack.Between the fact that several of their units have horde bonuses (for example Manchurians get +10% damage, +10HP per unit when grouped together), the Dragon Monk's stealth buff and the Daimyo's abilities...let's just say that the Shogun Empire has a lot of abilities that depend on their units being close together.
    • Powerhouse: The European Alliance. EA strategy tends to focus on rolling out incredibly powerful armored units and crushing the enemy beneath their threads.
    • Balanced: The United Republic; probably the most versatile faction in the game.
    • Subversive: Latin Junta and African Warlords. Both tend to rely on special abilities, such as stealth, and massed weak units. For example, the Guerrillas (the mainline Junta infantry unit) has a stealth ability that gives it fifty-percent chance of being undetected by passing enemy units and twenty-five percent chance of scoring a critical hit.
  • The Federation: The United Republic and the European Alliance.
  • Femme Fatale: The image icon for the European Alliance Spy unit.
  • Fragile Speedster: The Shogun Empire's vehicles tend to be faster but lighter than other nations. One big exception to this rule is the Akuma.
  • Gas Mask, Longcoat: European Alliance Stormtroopers. They wear heavy coats and have a gas mask built into their helmets. Obviously, they also provide an example of:
  • Gas Mask Mooks: EA Stormtroopers. Their half-helmets had gas masks installed to protect them against biological weapons.
  • Guide Dang It: Official documentation for the game is somewhat lacking at this point.
  • Historical-Domain Character: Che Guevara, Douglas MacArthur and Gregori Zhukov have made an appearance in the episodes so far.
  • Hover Tank: The R-57 Hover Platform used by the United Republic. Though in this case it is more a hover self-propelled gun.
  • Humongous Mecha: The Soviet Union has the Hammer, Inferno Hammer and Artillery Walker. The Latin Junta has the Saw Walker.
  • It's Raining Men: The United Republic's Paradrop consumable causes a single DC-10 transport craft to drop a squad of G.I Paratroopers to a location of your choice on the battlefield.
  • I Love Nuclear Power: Nukes are a research-able superweapon and Episode III: African Sunrise is all about the African Warlords attempts to acquire a nuclear arsenal.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: They are called Shadows in game and they are specialist infantry in the Shogun Empire.
  • Jet Pack: The United Republic has Jump Troops.
  • Kill It with Fire:
    • The Republican Flame Tank, the Soviet Union's Inferno Hammer, the EA's Churchill Crocodile, the Shogun Empire's Flame Tank. There are quite a few units in the game armed with flamethrowers.
    • One of Shogun Empire's trademarks is fire units, as many of their units if not outright armed with flamethrowers have special abilities to make things burn. They can also call in Napalm Strikes.
  • Lady of War: Junta Amazons, EA Spies, Shogun Dragon Monks, African Beast Masters, Soviet Snipers, and UR Angels.
  • Loud of War: Well hello there Mr. EA Sonic Tank.
  • Military Mashup Machine: The European Alliance's Siege Tank (think the Maus on steroids) and the Shogun Empire's Akuma (which mounts three 200mm cannons, which was typically the main guns on heavy cruisers at the time, as its main armament) are Land Battleships.
  • More Dakka: Several units like the Empire Shredder Tank, EA Halftrack, UR R-57 Hover Platform and the Soviet Maxim Gun are designed to lay down a hail of lead and rip apart massed infantry assaults.
  • Occupiers Out of Our Country: Both the Latin Junta and the African Warlords (in fact the Latin Junta inspired the African Warlords) came to power by overthrowing the old colonial regimes in Latin America and Africa.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Junta Hunters have an impaling shot ability that can pierce multiple units. If you manage to angle the shot just right it is possible to kill well over five average infantry squads at once. Shots from the Junta anti-tank gun, likewise, have a special ability that can cause them to pierce through 3+ tanks.
  • Praetorian Guard: The Immortals of the Shogun Empire. They are composed of the offspring of noble families that are in favor with the Emperor who were taken away from their mothers at birth and trained to be the Emperorís elite.
  • Poisoned Weapons: The Latin Junta uses them. Their Chemical Bus is pretty much the Toxin Tractor from Command & Conquer: Generals with the serial numbers filed off.
  • The Political Officer: Soviet Comrades.
  • Psycho Serum: The Latin Junta has a little concoction called Hulk Serum.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: Three examples; the Soviet Union, the Latin Junta (whose rise to power was funded by the Soviet Union) and the African Warlords.
  • Status Buff: Many specialist units do this. For example, the Soviet Comrade has a passive buff called Not One Step Back that gives nearby infantry +40 damage and +10% armor.
  • The Scrounger: A lot of the African Warlords' and Latin Junta's equipment are salvaged weapons left over from the old colonial powers. For example, the African Warlords' main tank is a British World War I Mark IV while the Latin Junta uses a lot of old colonial armored bulldozers and other modified logging equipment as armored vehicles.
  • Tank Goodness: All sides have them, but the European Alliance is probably the most tank happy army.
  • Tunnel Network: Used by the African Warlords.
  • War Elephants: Used frequently by the African Warlords as a substitute for armored vehicles.
  • Warrior Monk: Another one of the Shogun Empire's specialist troops is the Shaolin Monks.
  • Weaponized Car:
    • A lot of the Latin Junta's vehicles are re-purposed civilian vehicles, usually logging and construction equipment. For example, their tanks are built out of bulldozers.
    • The African Warlords meanwhile have two Technical (pick-up trucks mounting military weapons) variants and the Demo Truck.
  • Zeppelins from Another World: Air units tend to either be this or attack helicopters.
  • Zerg Rush: Mass infantry assaults; a tactic that is especially favored by the Soviet Union.
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