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A series of Macintosh arcade games by John Calhoun. Players navigate a paper airplane past an assortment of lethal household objects, using the ubiquitous hot air vents to stay aloft.

Glider (versions 1 through 3, 1988-1991) was a simple shareware game for the original monochrome Mac. The house was a corridor 15 screens long, with version 2 adding backgrounds to what had all been White Void Rooms, and version 3 adding a cat as a Final Boss.

Glider 4.0 (1991) added optional color art, a Level Editor, and a multi-story house with many new items. This was a commercial release through Casady & Greene, who later published an Expansion Pack. It was also the most ported of the series, showing up on Windows in 1994, on the Apple Newton in 2002, and as an NES cartridge in 2008. No, really.

Glider PRO (1994) was designed to be "Glider 4.0 times ten. Everything would be up a notch or two." Players could now leave the house and check out the neighborhood, and modders could craft total conversions. No detail was left unimproved, from the TV sets (which played animations) to the clocks (which showed the correct time).

Glider Classic (2011) brings the premise back to basics, guided by a "Colorforms" aesthetic. It's out now for OS X and iOS.

When the series' former publisher Casady & Greene went bankrupt, all rights to their Glider releases reverted to John Calhoun, who declared them Freeware. You can find them on Mac and PC Abandonware sites.

These games contain examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Glider PRO