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Video Game: Cosmic Osmo
"You are the busiest alien to ever romp around our humble solar system."
— Osmo

Cosmic Osmo is a 1989 Pop Up Video Game created by Rand and Robyn Miller of Cyan, Inc. Like its Spiritual Predecessor The Manhole, Osmo lets you traipse undirected through a quirky universe packed with Easter Eggs, but this time IN SPACE. There is no ending and no score, and only the mildest of optional puzzles.

The setting is the Osmoian system, home of the quirky, amiable Osmos: aliens with huge feet and round, honkable noses. Your conveyance is a cozy two-room spaceship called the Osmobile, but you can also slip between worlds through a vast network of shortcuts. No matter where you end up, the Osmobile's autopilot will have it waiting for you in orbit.

The Millers' next open-ended HyperCard game, 1991's Spelunx, took a far more educational tone. The 1994 rerelease of Osmo added a Spelunx-like science complex, making both games each other's Spiritual Successor.

Despite Osmo's fanbase on the Mac, where it remained an exclusive until 2008, it can now be found on Steam...for Windows users only. Even though the original won't run on today's OS X at all, and despite the developer of the Windows port saying that recompiling her work for OS X would be "trivial".

Cosmic Osmo provides examples of:

The ColonyUsefulNotes/Apple MacintoshCro-Mag Rally
Cortex CommandWide Open SandboxCrackdown
Cortex CommandUsefulNotes/SteamCostume Quest

alternative title(s): Cosmic Osmo
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