Video Game: Bomberman World

Bomberman World is a 1998 installment in the Bomberman franchise, the first to be released on the PlayStation in North America.

The game is a sequel to the Japan-only Bomberman Wars: in Wars, King Bomber defeated the Dark Force Bombers and sealed them inside crystals. In the modern day, Bagura/Bagular revives the Dark Force Bombers, enhances their powers, and sends them out to conquer the nearby planets. Bomberman spots them and chases after them.

Unlike Wars, which was more of a strategy JRPG, World retains the classic Bomberman formula, although this time the player only needs to collect crystals to access the exit as opposed to defeating all of the enemies. The game is also viewed isometrically, giving the illusion of 3D.

There was also an arcade game released in 1992 called Bomber Man World, which is a sequel to the 1991 Bomberman arcade game but is otherwise unrelated to this game.

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