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Tropers: Whitney
Me and my Pokémon!!!! Ain't they just adorable? :3

Err... Ummm... Hi! My name's Whitney! If you live around Johto, you'll probably know me, right?? If you don't, I'll tell you that I'm a GYM LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right people! I'm Goldenrod City's Gym Leader, and I specialize in Normal type Pokémon, but really, I find them all so cute, and huggable, and adorable, and... *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*!!!!! I started not very long ago, but the Pokémon League chose me because I'm very talented!!! :D

When I'm not busy "Gym Leadering" (XD), I usually spend my time playing with my super-strong and cute Miltank and Clefairy, shopping in the Goldenrod Department Store, or messing around here, but really, I don't have much free time, being a Gym Leader is HARD!!!!!

If you defeat me in a Gym Battle, I'll hand you the Plain Badge, so if you want one, you know where to find me!!!! (Rumours that I throw a fit when people beat me are completely false and unfounded)

Tropes that the silly people over here think apply to me:

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