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Welcome to the page of a desperate person living in a mystical magical place over the rainbow. (>- -)>

Favorite Games/Game Series of Kyuubiku

  • Crash Bandicoot - Greatest Playstation game series ever made, hands down. I'm actually a little irritated at how Radical games changed everybody in the Bandicoot series, but I still play the originals on my computer via emulators. Crash is unstoppable!
  • Metal Gear Solid - One of the most intense Playstation game series ever made. (I know it was on earlier systems, but I never got to play those versions, so I'm currently ignoring those versions.) It's more than just sneaking around and killing a few dudes; it's about strategy, timing, precision. All kinds of things a real soldier would need. If you want a challenge, put any of the games in the series on the hardest difficulty and test your luck.
  • Gears of War - The most amazing third-person shooter game in existence. Period.

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  • "3.Explaining the joke actually is part of the joke, and by "part of the joke", I mean, "have sex with me"." (Origin)