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Tropers: Frozen Eagle
Greetings to you, and welcome! I am Frozen Eagle, and this is my Troper page.

For starters, I am new, but not exactly. I have been visiting this site for several months, but have only joined up recently. As such, I am not very established on this site.

I have just recently graduated from high school and I am going to to college to pursue an engineering degree. I am an Eagle Scout, which has absolutely nothing to do with my name. The very idea is preposterousnote . I am male, and heterosexual. I consider myself cerebral and creative, but in no way do I believe I know everything.

I relish fiction with highly-developed worlds with interesting characters, but my tastes in media have changed over time. At this particular point, fantasy settings and sci-fi settings tend to dominate my preferences, and comedy is always considered a plus.

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