Trivia / Voltes V


  • Banned in the Philippines: The first time it was broadcast in the Philippines in the 1980s, by President Ferdinand Marcos, citing its brutal violence. Mazinger Z and Daimos were also affected, cutting off the airing of their finales. Urban legend holds that the ban was a response to the show's focus on Boazan's totalitarianism, of which Marcos is frequently accused of. A Moral Guardians group of conservative Catholic women are to blame as well, also citing "graphic violence" and the fact that their spokesperson named Polly Catholic had asked the President to have the series banned. The show proved popular enough to return years later; the 1999 revival is notable for being hyped to death and back as the show's "second coming", complete with a movie compilation of the last four episodes... though it and Daimos had returned in the early 1990s after Marcos was gone.