Trivia: Tomb Raider

  • Fan Nickname: The "Unknown Entity" that posesses Amanda in Peru is commonly known as "Fluffy'' in the fandom.
    • "Doppleganger" was known early on as "Bacon Lara", and the new and improved Doppelganger is sometimes called "Dopplehoe" or shortened to "Dopple" or "Doppie".
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • What Could Have Been: The Angel of Darkness was supposed to be the first game in a trilogy. Karel was supposed to survive and be in Turkey, trying to bring back his fellow Nephilim. Kurtis's fate apparently depended on how much the fans liked him (i.e. he would come back if he was really liked, or he would not if he was really disliked). Of course, since The Angel of Darkness failed miserably, the trilogy idea was scrapped and ideas attached to it along with it - and the original continuity was never continued.
    • Also in the same game, the watch Lara can find in Francine's apartment was supposed to play a bigger role or at least have a sub plot of its own.
    • Also, the planned trilogy was going to reveal that the Nephilim and Atlantean races were connected, and Natla was possibly going to be brought Back from the Dead, thus connecting it to the very start of the series.
    • Jean-Yves was planned to be killed in the beginning of the game instead of Werner, and Werner instead was going to play a much larger role in the game.
    • Core Design were in the process of making their own remake of the original game (which was looking to be far more faithful than Anniversary) before Eidos dropped them.
    • Lara was originally supposed to die for real at the end of The Last Revelation - Core Design wanted to kill her off as they were fed up with having to make a new game every year. Eidos Interactive had other ideas.