Trivia: Tomb Raider (2013)

  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Lzherusskie: While comprehensible, the spoken Russian in the game is horrendously broken (for example, when Vladimir attempts to grope Lara, he refers to her in the masculine gender, as if she were a boy). This actually makes the scene even more unnerving through Fridge Logic.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Tomb Raider: Ascension, the proposed game that eventually turned into the 2013 reboot. To say it would have been different than the previous games is an understatement:
      • The game was fully open-world, with Lara using a horse to travel to and from areas. Her design in the early prototypes used the same character model from Tomb Raider Underworld, although it was apparently intended to be a remake/prequel.
      • The game heavily focused on survival-horror and featured fantasy-inspired enemies and creatures, with some being the size of giants and others being undead. As shown in prototype demonstrations, one gameplay encounter had Lara (on horseback) flee from a hulking monster that chases her through a forest by a coastline, which causes Lara to fall off her horse and eventually jump into an open ravine (pursued by other demonic creatures) in order to escape.
      • Lara also had a female child as a companion, who she would be able to pick up and carry on her back. As shown in concept art, the child would also protect Lara at one point from an enemy. Likewise, at least one piece of concept art hints at the fact that Lara may have had a nightmarish doppleganger of herself, who carried her signature pickaxe.
      • Lara also had several different weapons. Aside from her pickaxe (which appears in the final game), she could wield a machete (or dual-wield with a gun), and used a flamethrower to clear out enemies in a tomb.
      • Lara herself went through several different design iterations, including variants where she wore her signature holsters and a ripped outfit and (as the game eventually became a reboot) a different face for her eventual player model that sported a braid. In addition, there were originally plans to have her clothing get gradually more ripped and tattered throughout the game.
    • Rhianna Pratchett has stated in interviews that if she could have gotten away with it, Lara would have been revealed to have been in a lesbian relationship with Sam. As it stands, Lara's orientation is never explicitly stated in the game, although there is a lot of subtext in her interaction with Sam, depending on whether one chooses to interpret it as such.
    • An unused soundtrack piece indicates that the ending was going to be much darker, with Lara likely forced to kill Sam to stop Himiko.
      • Interestingly, this would have fit the moral that Roth explains to Lara that "Sometimes you've got to make sacrifices, Lara. You can't save everyone.