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Trivia / The Wolf of Wall Street

  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Jonah Hill made only $60,000 (the lowest possible SAG-AFTRA rate) on the film; he simply wanted the opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese.
    • Promoted Fanboy: Which could also make him this, since Hill had established as far back as in 2010 (well before he had even earned his first Oscar nomination) that Goodfellas was his favorite film of all time.
  • Billing Displacement: Matthew McConaughey is billed fourth, but only appears in three scenes.
  • Fake American: The Australian Margot Robbie as Naomi (though Naomi is half British)
  • Fake Nationality: The French Jean Dujardin as a Swiss banker. Although considering that Switzerland is a multi-cultural nation with German, French, Austrian and Italian influences, it makes sense for a French man to pass as Swiss.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: A lot of scenes in the movie were improvised, notably Matthew McConaghey's humming and chest-beating which is a ritual that the actor does to prepare for his role in real life. Scorsese saw it and decided to Throw It In. —And have all of Stratton Oakmont do it during Belfort's non-retirement speech.
    • Robbie Robertson then worked with McConaghey to create "The Money Chant," which plays over the end credits.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: DiCaprio is a nice person in real life, while Jordan is a corrupt stockbroker.
  • Playing Against Type: Leonardo DiCaprio usually plays brooding anti-heroes in dramas. Here, he plays a Villain Protagonist in a dark comedy. In his Golden Globe acceptance speech, he said "I never would've guessed that I would've won for Best Actor in a comedy". However, he's still playing the conman.
  • Star-Making Role: Not that she was entirely obscure beforehand, but Margot Robbie's profile was increased considerably by her appearance in this film, to the point where she was widely considered a serious candidate for the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2014 Oscars (though ultimately wasn't nominated).
  • What Might Have Been:
    • Julie Andrews was offered the role that eventually went to Joanna Lumley.
    • Before Scorsese took the reigns as director, Ridley Scott was offered the project when it was to be made at Warner Bros.