Trivia / The Shadow



  • The Other Darrin: Tim Kitzrow provides the voice for Lamont Cranston/The Shadow, though Baldwin's speech from the film itself appears as well.

Pulps and Radio

  • Actor Allusion: Possibly. In his later years, Orson Welles's outfit of choice when appearing in public was loose-fitting black, oftentimes with a cloak and matching fedora. No red scarf, though. In The Third Man he wore a black coat and fedora like The Shadow.
  • Defictionalization: The Shadow actually began as just the host character of a radio adaptation of the Detective Story magazine. When people kept asking for his non-existent magazine, Street and Smith ended up creating one with Walter Gibson as the main writer.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Orson Welles never once read the scripts before recording, so whenever Lamont sounds surprised you can be sure it's genuine.
  • Executive Meddling: Worried that the character was getting too powerful and too difficult to challenge, the writers were ordered to scale back the character's powers to just invisibility (and that they add in weaknesses to even that), and restricting Cranston to using invisibility only twice an episode (at the halfway mark and right at the end).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The original Lamont Cranston was none other than Orson Welles.
    • The original Margo Lane was played by Agnes Moorhead, who later played Endora on Bewitched.
    • The original voice actor for cab driver Moe "Shrevie" Shrevnitz was Alan Reed, otherwise known as the voice of Fred Flintstone. Reed also often played other Large Ham characters, especially villains.
    • After Welles left the show, Bill Johnstone took over the role. While not very well-known today, he was a prolific radio actor and showed up in a lot of shows of the time, most regularly as Dr. Franz, sidekick and mentor to the radio Blue Beetle, and he even had a major role in the very first Orson Welles episode of the Shadow (as a man falsely accused of murder) and turned up in other roles on the show even after he left the lead role.
    • Likewise, Shrevie was played by several voice actors after Reed, including The Winter Warlock / Captain Cully, Keenan Wynn.
    • On a side note, when Welles did his infamous War of the Worlds radio show, many younger viewers realized it wasn't real because they reconsidered the "reporter's" voice being the same as The Shadow's.
  • The Other Darrin: The radio Shadow was played by several different actors. Same with the radio Margo.