Awesome / The Shadow

Radio show
  • The intro and outro of the radio show, but especially the rarer outro: "The weed of crime...bears...bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows..."

  • Walter B. Gibson still holds the world record for most words made of a single fictional subject.

  • At one point during the Shadow's rescue attempt at the Federal Building, Shiwan's men track him by looking for his Shadow and pin him to the wall with crossbows. In return, the Shadow appears, looking like he just came out of the wall, and blows them away.
  • Shiwan Khan's escape from the restaurant.
    • Prior to that, Cranston and Khan shooting at one and other, the bullets collide in midair. What really sells it is their reaction to the entire thing as they were in awe of how something like that could happen.
  • At the end, when Lamont finally understands how to master the Phurba and uses it against Khan.
    • After that, the scene in the Hall of Mirrors where Lamont realizes the best way to find the real Khan- he turns his psychic powers up to the maximum and telekinetically shatters every mirror in the room. Then he levitates a long sliver of shattered glass and sends it flying right into Khan's skull.
  • The scene on the bridge is a very fitting introduction for the master of darkness. The Shadow saves a man's life and brings an arrogant mobster down a few pegs until he's begging for his life. And when the Shadow shows himself, cue epic theme music and some terrified looks from the mobster's henchmen before they run off. And all he does to make them run off is stare at them.
  • In The Salamanders, The Shadow single-handedly takes down a small army of thugs running a locomotive laden with dynamite, riding the train almost right into a burning train depot. He escapes just before the dynamite explodes, destroying the depot spectacularly and also creating a firebreak that keeps the inferno from reaching a number of apartment blocks. This was his plan.