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Trivia: Tangled
  • Actor Allusion: The lines "Don't freak out!" and "It's complicated" both appear in the same scene. Both lines appear repeatedly in Chuck, which stars Zachary Levi. However neither are spoken by his character, but Chuck is a Phrase Catcher for the former.
  • Development Hell: With a rare happy ending. Not only that, but the success of this movie also managed to save another movie with it.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Mandy Moore is Rapunzel. So the princess who has her naturally dark hair turned blonde is being voiced by a natural blonde who often darkens her hair.
    • Flynn is Zachary Levi, aka Chuck.
    • Ron Perlman voices the Stabbington Brothers, albeit only the one who talks.
    • Brad Garrett is Hookhand.
    • Richard "Jaws" Kiel plays Vlad AKA the guy who collects little unicorns.
      • May also be a case of Ink-Suit Actor as well, as Vlad has a wide face, narrow eyes, and square jaw similar to Kiel's.
    • The fabulous Mother Gothel is Donna Murphy, aka Rosie Octavius. She's also already familiar with eternal youth that hinges on using something over and over.
    • The ugly thug is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.
    • On the DVD and Blu-Ray, Mark Elliot provides descriptive audio service for blind viewers. Mark Elliot also worked as an announcer for numerous trailers of Disney-owned movies and videos since the mid-80s.
    • Russian Gothel is Velma Kelly.
    • In Tangled Ever After, Kari Wahlgren provides the Queen's sole line. The Queen had no lines in the movie.
    • In Quebec, Rapunzel and Flynn are Zoey and Mike.
    • In Portugal and Israel, Rapunzel is Ariel.
    • In Germany, Flynn and Young Simba have the same singing voice.
    • In Brazil, Rapunzel was voiced by Sylvia Salustti (who's also voiced Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas and it's the oficial voice of Kate Winslet and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Brazil), Mother Gothel was voiced by famous actress and singer Gottsha (who also did the brazilian voice of Roz from Monsters, Inc..), Flynn was voiced by famous TV host Luciano Huck and Hookhand was voiced by Mauro Ramos (The second voice of Shrek, Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, Sulley, Forest Whitaker and Jean Reno)
    • In Japan, Rapunzel is voiced by idol singer and actress Shouko Nakagawa, better known for singing many of the well-known songs from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • History Repeats: The name of an adapted source material is changed for the film's Disney adaptation, prompting much derision and scorn. Sound familiar?
    • And it would repeat again three years later (though to a somewhat lesser extent).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi both grew up on the early 90s Disney Renaissance films. Both have stated that getting to star in a Disney animated film is a dream come true. Being in a Disney movie has also been on Ron Perlman's to-do list ever since he first got into voice acting. In a twofer, Levi said that part of the reason he wanted to do it is so he could be in Kingdom Hearts someday.
  • Throw It In: According to an interview with Zachary Levi, the bit where Flynn asks Rapunzel if he'll get superhuman strength in his hand after she healed it was ad libbed.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The main villainess could have been played by Azula and Rapunzel could have been Glinda. No, really.
    • An early pitch entitled "Rapunzel Unbraided" was about two modern teenagers suddenly and magically replacing Rapunzel and her prince, with Rapunzel turning into a squirrel.
    • Flynn was originally intended to be a wayward prince hanging out with a group of bandits. Later on he was a sort of "bandit prince" and leader of a group of rogues (the rogues themselves eventually became the Snuggly Duckling thugs).
    • The original intentions for the animations was for it to be CGI that looked like 2D watercolor. It was meant to look like a living painting. In the end they canned that idea due expenses and technical limitations, though a few years later Disney released a short called Paperman which used the finished technology; Paperman wasn't watercolor though.
    • David Schwimmer, Burt Reynolds and John Goodman were all attached at one point.
    • A gypsy and her fortune telling monkey had a scene that would be removed from the film. Oddly, references to it stay in the credits.
    • One of the first clips/test animations shown to audiences suggests the involvement of fairies.
    • In early versions of the story, Maximus was a bloodhound. The makers of the movie apparently kept the dog-like traits because it was funny.
    • Rapunzel originally had a harpoon gun as a weapon; this was replaced by the frying pan.
  • Working Title: In a rare case, the working title was actually the name of the story the film is based on: Rapunzel. Then it was changed to Rapunzel Unbraided, probably on the day they decided to make it more of a Shrek-style comedy. That idea was scrapped, so it became Rapunzel again. Then they changed it to Tangled presumably to make it more marketable as a Shrek-styled comedy. Although some parts of the world still called it Rapunzel.
  • Wreaking Havok: The generally complex nature of animating Rapunzel's hair has led to this blooper reel - it's either an unkempt mess or a rather Nightmare Fuel-ish spaghetti of sorts. Kelly Ward spent six years writing and refining algorithms for them to get the look they wanted, and it wasn't until March of 2010 when they utilised a more advanced hair simulation program called Dynamic Wires, enabling them to simulate hair buoyancy, among other things.

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