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Trivia: TaleSpin
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Charlie Adler: Mad Dog.
    • Hamilton Camp (Gizmo Duck on DuckTales, Erin's drunken father, Merritt on Titus, one of the cast members on the notoriously short-lived 1960s sketch show Turn On): Whistlestop Jackson.
    • Jim Cummings: Louie, Don Karnage, and several incidental characters.
    • Pat Fraley: Wildcat and some incidental characters.
    • Ed Gilbert: Baloo.
    • Phil Hartman: Ace London in "Mach One for the Gipper", using his best smarmy Jerk Ass voice.
    • Tony Jay: Freaking Shere Khan!
    • Tress MacNeille: Kitten Caboodle in "A Star Is Torn".
    • Lorenzo Music: Sergeant Dunder, also known as Garfield and "Carlton the Doorman" from Rhoda, among others.
    • Rob Paulsen: Ratchet and Dr. Debolt.
    • Kath Soucie: Clementine Clevenger in "Citizen Khan" and Princess Lotta Lamour in "The Road to Macadamia".
    • Sally Struthers: Rebecca.
    • Frank Welker: A few incidental characters.
    • This ain't the first time R.J. Williams (Kit) and Ed Gilbert (Baloo) worked on a cartoon together. An NBC cartoon called Kissyfur had Williams and Gilbert as the main character and his father, respectively.
    • Italian Kit (0:03) sounds like a pre-teen version of D.J. (3:11).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The last 11 episodes were completely unavailable on DVD for many years, but they were finally released exclusively through the Disney Movie Club in June of 2013. This also makes TaleSpin the first of The Disney Afternoon shows to completely avert this trope.
    • Played straight regarding the original feature-length version of the pilot, which had several additional or alternate scenes compared to the syndicated version of the four episodes, as well as an additional song. The likelihood of that ever seeing a home video release slim.
  • Missing Episode: Both "Flying Dupes" and "Last Horizons" were pulled from circulation.
  • The Other Darrin: Kit was voiced by two actors—first Alan Roberts, then R.J. Williams. "A Bad Reflection on You" uses both Roberts and Williams; it's difficult to tell them apart, but you can do it if you're familiar with the subtle differences in their voices and you listen carefully.
    • R.J. Williams is Kit in "A Bad Reflection on You" part 1, and Alan Roberts is Kit in the "A Bad Reflection on You" part 2. The key to telling their voices apart is that R.J. Williams, who was Kit in "Mommy For A Day" and "Captains Outrageous" sounds a little bit older than Alan Roberts who was Kit in "Stormy Weather" and "The Time Bandit".
  • Role Reprisal: More than Voice Actress Reprisal instead in the Mexican Spanish dub: Rebecca Cunningham is voiced by Diana Santos, who curiously voiced Mowgli in the dub of The Jungle Book. In the same dub, the late Carlos Petrel (who voiced Shere Khan) reprised that role in the series.
  • What Could Have Been: The Sea Duck was originally intended as a vehicle for Launchpad McQuack for his own cargo service in an unused story idea for DuckTales.
    • Phil Harris was apparently to play Baloo again for the show, however his vocal range was thought to have aged too much following auditions, and soundalike Ed Gilbert took the role instead.
    • Some people who worked on the show, however feel Phil Harris still sounded young enough to voice Baloo, and the real reason he was passed over was because he would have been too expensive to pay every episode.
      • In the writers' bible, Shere Khan was named "Mr. Downs", and Don Karnage was named "Anthrax" (and wore no pants). Also, Spigot and Dunder were originally designed as cats.
  • Don Rosa wrote "It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck" and "I Only Have Ice for You".

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