Awesome: TaleSpin

TaleSpin has many Awesome Moments, if only because Baloo, Kit and company are just that good at saving the day.
  • Special mention, of course, goes out to "Plunder And Lightning," which is pretty much a Crowning Moment for everyone involved. Kit for stealing Don Karnage's secret weapon single-handedly, Don Karnage, among other things, for being at his most menacing and laying siege to Cape Suzette with a giant Lightning Gun, and Baloo for stopping said Lightning Gun by ramming his beloved plane directly into it, plus a ton of heartwarming moments along the way.
    • Not only that, when he finally catches Kit trying to sneak on board his ship again, Don Karnage throws him overboard from thousands of feet up in the air. Baloo uses his new but damaged overdrive to fly miles in the span of a few seconds and catches him a foot before he would have hit the ground.
  • "Stormy Weather": Baloo takes down Daring Dan Dawson for nearly killing Kit just for the sake of pleasing his fans.
    Baloo: "Don't worry Dan, it's only part of the show!"
  • The end of "Bygones". Don Karnage thought no one would be stupid enough to attack the Iron Vulture head on. He was wrong... about the stupid part.
  • Baloo does pretty well in "My Fair Baloo", saving the passengers of the Spruce Moose from ''two'' attempted hijackings, a plane crash and being stranded on a desert island, and just to top it off effortlessly saves Rebecca from a giant Kaa-esque snake. Even with all that under his belt however the true CMOA is arguably given to Rebecca herself who, after the crew chews out Baloo for ruining the party with his heroics, basically tells them to stuff it.
    Rebecca: "Wake up, you weasels! That man just saved our lives. He may be crude and 'rough around the edges', but I'd take him over all of you put together!"
  • Myra's Beware the Nice Ones moment from "In Search of Ancient Blunders", in which the friendly Adventurer Archaeologist is finally pushed far enough to deliver an epic rant to the cursed mummy who's been chasing the heroes through his pyramid for most of the episode.
    Myra: "Will you knock it off?! What is your problem?! It's not our fault you built the lousy pyramid upside down! We didn't put the curse on you! We're trying to help you! You can stomp around all day growling like an idiot, or you can give us a hand. Now look—that pirate's stealing the pyramid. Are you gonna let him get away with that?"
    Mummy: (growls "No!")
    Myra: "Then get out there and do your thing!"
  • Shere Khan gets one in "From Here To Machinery"; his plane is under attack by Don Karnage, and the robot pilot won't deviate from the flight path. Does he panic like the professor who invented said robot pilot? No, he shrugs it off as a minor annoyance and calmly signals for help. For extra awesomeness, when Baloo manages to board the plane, Shere Khan offers him a drink... only for machine-gun fire to penetrate the plane, smashing the glass in Khan's paw, and he seems more annoyed at the mess made to his suit.
  • Rebecca outgambitting a sexist pilot who attempts to cheat against her in a scavenger hunt in "Feminine Air" as well as managing to knock off a magnet immobilising the Sea Duck. Extra mentioning for Baloo's "Barrel House Backwards Roll" saving Rebecca from falling to her death (while Disguised in Drag no less).