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Trivia: Sharpe
  • British Accents: In what may be the finest British Accents twist of all time, author Bernard Cornwell revised the backstory of the character Sharpe to reflect Sean Bean's portrayal. The books had established that Sharpe was from London, but Bean is from Sheffield and has a distinct Northern accent; Cornwell established in later novels that while Sharpe had indeed been born in London, he fled to Sheffield for a life of crime to avoid being sold as a chimney sweep by the person that ran his orphanage.
  • The Other Darrin: Wellesley is played by David Troughton. His elevation to the peerage not only changes his name to Wellington, but his actor to Hugh Fraser.9
  • Referenced By: See ReferencedBy.Sharpe.
  • Retroactive Recognition/Hey, It's That Guy!: Happens a lot watching the older TV episodes nowadays, because of many actors in early roles who went onto greater and/or geekier things:
    • Sean Bean himself is better known worldwide for his later roles such as 006 in Goldeneye, Boromir in The Lord of the Rings and Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.
    • Brian Cox as Major Hogan, Lord Wellington's spymaster.
    • Daniel Craig as Lieutenant Berry, a lecherous and violent minor villain. Bonus points for having a future James Bond fight a future Bond villain (and losing for failing to shoot his nemesis when he has the chance).
    • Pete Postlethwaite as Obadiah Hakeswill, Sharpe's archnemesis from his days in the ranks.
    • Elizabeth Hurley as one of Sharpe's love interests, Lady Farthingdale.
    • Alice Krige as Femme Fatale French spy, La Marquesa.
    • Emily Mortimer as a traumatised mute novice.
    • Mark Strong as a British officer, in-universe Memetic Badass and traitor.
    • Alexis Denisof as a rich male appendage who steals Sharpe's woman.
    • Alexander Armstrong played the same part in a couple of episodes beforehand.
    • Philip Glenister as Matt Truman, a workers' rights leader and Sharpe's long-lost half-brother.
    • Douglas Henshall as the wicked cavalier, George Wickham.
    • Henshall's Primeval costar and love interest Lucy Brown appears in one of the later episodes in India.
    • Paul Bettany as Prince William of Orange. Not the last time he would fight in the Napoleonic War.
    • Colonel Vogel or if you prefer the older Gellert Grindelwald, Micheal Byrne appears as spymaster Major Nairn.
    • Mr Sweeny shows up in Sharpe's Waterloo as one of the Duke of Wellington's relations.
    • Hey, lots of guys and one gal later appeared on Hornblower.
      • Josefina, a Spanish aristocrat, is Senora Ortega (Katia Caballero).
      • Major Nairn is dying Captain Keene (Michael Byrne).
      • Colonel Fletcher is Lieutenant Buckland (Nicholas Jones)
      • Matt Truman is Gunner Hobbs (Philip Glenister).
      • Mr Tapling of the diplomatic service is Runciman (Ian McNeice).
      • Napoleon, Boney himself, is Steward James Doughty (Ron Cook). Holly crap, no wonder sailor Styles hated him so much.
  • What Could Have Been: Paul McGann was originally cast as Richard Sharpe, but he broke his leg while playing football only a few days into the shooting of Sharpe's Rifles. Sean Bean was recast in the role and... well, you know the rest.
  • Writer Revolt: An editor told Bernard Cornwell to change a scene where an Ensign died likely because ensigns are frequently young boys or men in their mid to late teens. He resented being told how to write, so he changed it to be more depressing. And in a number of the books since, Cornwell has killed off Ensigns in increasingly worse ways.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Cornwell does plan his novels in advance, but has admitted to changing them up midway through because he thinks it reads better. An example - Frederickson was supposed to marry Lucille in Sharpe's Revenge.

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