Referenced By / Sharpe

Examples of shout outs in other works to the Sharpe series:

  • In Cornwell's own Gallows Thief, a murder mystery set after Waterloo, the protagonist is an Army veteran whose life was once saved by a Rifle officer and his men.
  • Cornwell's American Civil War series, The Starbuck Chronicles, includes a French officer traveling with the Confederate Army as an observer. It's clear to readers of the Sharpe series from context that this man is Richard Sharpe's son.
  • The Fields of Death, part of a "parallel lives" series about Napoleon and Wellington by Simon Scarrow, features a Rifle officer named Richard who unusually carries a rifle like the rankers.
  • Ads for PC game Empire: Total War featured a very Sean Beanish redcoat in them, which seems odd until one considers that Sharpe dons his signature green jacket much later. (In Napoleon: Total War, as it were.)
  • The ''Doctor Who'' novel World Game features a post-Assaye Wellesley musing on the field commission he's just given to Sergeant Sharpe.
  • When Boromir cuts his finger on the Shards of Narsil, he announces "Still sharp(e)!" Word of God has it added in for the reference.
  • Adrian Goldsworthy, the author of a series of books about a British line regiment in the Peninsula, sneaks Sharpe into one: at the battle of Talavera, during the night attack, Goldsworthy's protagonist sees an angry-looking Rifle officer striding past, covered in blood. Sharpe, just after murdering Berry?