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Richard Sharpe is the protagonist of a bestselling series of novels by Bernard Cornwell, which were subsequently adapted into a series of TV movies starring Sean Bean as Sharpe and Daragh O'Malley as his faithful lancer, Patrick Harper. Sharpe is an early-19th century soldier fighting in the Napoleonic Wars; he's a gutter-born bastard and a ranker in the British army until he saves the life of Sir Arthur Wellesley, who rewards him a Field Promotion.

The Novels

He offered Sharpe the ghost of a smile; an acknowledgement of how many battlefields the two men had shared across the years. A more perceptive man than Sharpe might have read some message in The Duke's seeking the companionship of a veteran soldier, but Sharpe merely felt his usual awkwardness when he was in the company of his old commanding officer.
Sharpe's Waterloo

The TV Adaptation

Teresa: If you were French, I would take a knife and you would tell me all I wanted to know.
Sharpe': But we are allies.
Teresa: Allies? Do allies keep secrets from each other?
Sharpe: Lovers lie to each other, and yet they still make love.''
Sharpe's Rifles

Man in Black: You say you are an Irishman. Why should you be loyal to the British dogs, who want to take you to Lisbon to shoot you?
Harper: Jesus, you took the words right out of my mouth.
Man in Black: I can help you. Give me the box.
Harper: And if I do?
Man in Black: You will be rich.
Harper: And if I don't?
Man in Black: You will be dead.
Harper: Well, you're having the best of the argument so far.
Sharpe's Rifles

I was a sergeant once. I was the best god-damned bloody sergeant in the god-damned bloody army.
Sharpe, Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe's a killer. Killed three French cavalrymen and saved Wellesley's life. Three seconds, slash, cut, thrust. And that's while he was still a Sergeant.
Major Hogan, Sharpe's Eagle

Harper: So, you and me are going to stop a rebellion? Just the two of us?
Sharpe: Well I don't see no bugger else.
Sharpe's Challenge

Perhaps then, you might at least be prevailed upon to perform one last duty? In which case I assure you there is no trouble to yourself.
Govorner Sedgefield, Sharpe's Peril, who apparently hasn't seen the title of the episode.

Day comes a man has to decide: whether he stands to protect what he holds dear, or bows himself under another's will.
Sharpe, Sharpe's Peril

Simmerson: It would appear I owe you my life.
Sharpe: We all make mistakes, Sir Henry.
Simmerson: [grumbles, then laughs] Quite so, quite so. God speed you safe home... Richard.
[They shake hands]
Harper: I have now seen it all.

Sharpe, Every Episode, Repeatedly