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Trivia: Project M
  • Doing It for the Art: So far, the team has independently spent four years working on this project, all out of love for Smash. That's longer than the development times of Smash 64 and Melee!
    • Then again, considering how massive of a project the original Melee was, the value of production was clearly much more intensive for the original game with many full-time employees working hard than for this mod a (comparatively) small group made as a hobby.
  • Fanwork Ban: Typing the words "Project M" in any post on the Miiverse network will trigger an automatic ban for discussing "criminal activity".
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: A few well-known Melee players joined the PMBR, such as Fly Amanita and Gimpyfish.
    • One of the developers of Air Dash Online is also one of the pioneers of Project M.
  • Schedule Slip: The PMBR has had problems with getting the demos out to the public on time.
    • Demo 1.0 was initially released on the right day, but a huge number of download requests crashed the website server in twenty seconds, so nobody got it on time. The public had to wait for the demo to be re-uploaded on multiple servers/mirrors a few hours later.
    • The proposed bug/mechanic fix patch to Demo 1 was greatly delayed, and eventually became vaporware; see below for details.
    • Demo 2.0 went down this way as well; a mistake in development caused several problems (some specifically with Peach), so the demo was delayed for a day.
    • Demo 2.5 came out just a few hours after expectednote .
    • 3.0 looked to go down this way, due from an unexplained total server crash on release day, but the team still managed to stay on schedule by linking everyone to the mirrors.
  • Throw It In: The game allows people to just go into the stages alone, with no opponents. It was originally to test the camera edits, but they decided to keep it in the main mod just in case anyone else wanted to use it.
  • Trolling Creator: In both April Fools' Day videos for sure.
  • Vaporware: Early followers of the project may recall the alleged "Demo Patch" note , which was supposed to be a minor update for Demo 1.0 to fix some of the glitches and implement whatever mechanical improvements were available at the time, with a faint possibility of the inclusion of a few more characters. It was announced shortly after Demo 1.0's release. Not too long after it was announced, the team had many technical revelations and took the project to a much greater scale (more characters, more people involved, et cetera), thus decreasing the interest in making a simple patch. Instead, the patch idea was dropped in favor of making a full-blown Demo 2.0, which came out more than a year after Demo 1.
  • Version History
    • Demo 1.0 (14 charactersnote )
    • Demo 2.0 (29 charactersnote  and updated mechanicsnote )
    • Demo 2.1 (the reskinning of Temple:M to be Skyloft, and updated mechanics.)
    • Demo 2.5 (33 charactersnote  and updated mechanicsnote )
    • Demo 2.5b (updated mechanicsnote  and several stage models directly imported from Melee, such as Final Destination.note )
    • Demo 2.6 (Meta Knight added and updated mechanics.)
    • Demo 2.6b (Lylat Cruise and Pokemon Stadium 1 have switched places in the Stage Select screen, and updated mechanics.)
    • 3.0 (Yoshi, Kirby, Ice Climbers, Olimar, Samus, Roy, and Mewtwo added, completing the Brawl roster and introducing two clone engine characters, alternate costumes, and updated mechanics.)
    • 3.01 (A new launcher to replace Gecko OS that allows updates via the Internet and support for SD card greater than 2GB for Homebrew users. The Palette Swap bars on the character select screen were removed.)
    • 3.02 (Falco's side-smash charge graphic was tweaked, a bug involving Lucario Hat Kirby was fixed, and the names on the character select screen were lowered to fit the gap left by the removal of the Palette Swap bars.

  • Easter Egg: Demos 2.0 and 2.1 had the announcer's "Failure" sound effect whenever a character is selected with a Wii Remote. It was removed because the PMBR felt the game reached a level of professionalism that made the easter egg undesirable.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A patch for demo 1. The Back Room eventually lost interest and decided to make Demo 2 (which is implicitly much more expansive than a patch) instead.
    • Several character ideas were considered and tested, but not implemented in the public builds.
      • There was an experimental Fireball for Bowser, akin to such an attack from several of the Mario games, and slow and powerful, like Lucario's Aura Bomb. It was scrapped because it gave Bowser too much of an offensive edge (as opposed to his defensive tank-like style) and, as a result, took away the emphasis on the armor.
      • Wolf went through several moveset concepts, including a shine (reflector) that cancels upon landing, which is how Fox's shine works in Smash 64, as opposed to Fox's and Falco's current Melee-style jump-cancel shines.
      • Several alternate moveset concepts for Lucas as well, including a side-tilt in which Lucas does a stab/poke with his stick.
      • As seen in its reveal trailer, Ivysaur was introduced with a new animation for SolarBeam, which had it fire the beam from its mouth.note  Since most fans responded that a bulb-firing would be more in-characternote , the new animation you see in the demo was made.
      • Diddy Kong had gone similar issue with his hat flip being moved as his idle pose in one of the pre-2.5 streams, much to many DKC-fans' dismay. After much demand the hat flip was brought back with the clapping taunt being moved as the new idle pose.
      • Between Demo 2.1 and Demo 2.5, the PMBR tried a stomping A+B (the same kind of input as Lucario's supers) move for Wario. It's gone as of 2.5.
      • The Dr. Mario Alt Costume for Mario was originally going to have an AKIRA reference (a pill insignia on the back of Dr. Mario's coat). It was shot down by most of the team immediately.

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