Trivia / Metroid Prime

  • Breakthrough Hit: This game solidified Retro Studios as Nintendo's biggest western subsidiary.
  • Killer App: Prime was one of the reasons to own a Nintendo GameCube.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There was originally going to be bits of voice acting included in the game. Files for names of each location exist, as well as an opening narration by Jennifer Hale. The PAL version of the game did include a new opening narration, but with a different voice actor.
    • Kraid was going to be a boss in the Phazon Mines. He got far enough in development that he was modeled and textured, but was cut for time. According to the modeller, Gene Kohler, he was not replaced by the Omega Pirate, who was already planned to appear before Kraid's cut.
    • The Screw Attack and Speed Boost power-ups were going to be obtainable, but were scrapped. The Screw Attack was later added to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
    • Super Metroid was planned to be included as a bonus. It was removed because it required a 3rd party emulator to work (Nintendo didn't have an in-house one for Super Nintendo Entertainment System games at the time) and Nintendo didn't want to deal with any potential legal issues.