Awesome / Metroid Prime

  • The earliest instance of Crowning Music of Awesome happens at the main menu, the theme played there is so dynamic and atmospheric it alone fills many expectations of the game, and once when people come out of the Awesome induced shock and realize that "This is just the Menu Theme!" all other expectations are pointless, and they get ready for a awesome game.
  • Samus Aran's grand entrance in full 3D motion for the first time. Her gun ship comes in to dock, the hatch pops open and out rises the Hunter in her full glory. The jets on her back blast her clean off the roof of her vessel, she spins a hundred feet through the void and lands on the Frigate Orpheon as effortless as you please, before surveying her surroundings with the calculating awareness of an alpha predator. Then there's that camera spin and zoom-in to the back of the helm... And we got a whole new Goldeneye experience for a new generation of players.
  • A musical Moment of Awesome comes in the Prime 1, when you get to the Magmoor Caverns. When those ominous male vocals first kick in and you're probably thinking "Shades of Norfair, eh?" Then the door opens into the cavern complex proper, and that familiar drumbeat kicks in... Goosebumps.
  • The Wavebuster. Especially when used to lock onto and kill INVISIBLE BOSSES WHICH CANNOT BE NORMALLY LOCKED ONTO. (The Cloaked Drone of course.)
    • The very best moment with the said Wavebuster is when you just get it. You are probably itching to use it in a firefight, and when you do. You blast up a bunch of formerly invincible enemies.
  • When Meta Ridley is incapacitated by Samus, and the Chozo statues shoot him off the artefact site with energy beams. Not only is it an awesome spectacle, but Meta Ridley gets his comeuppance here for all the problems he caused for the Chozo and this planet. However, he was not quite dead...
  • The other bosses in the game are incredible as well. It's impossible not to feel like a bad-ass when taking down:
    • A massive, mutated parasite spitting acid.
    • The hive of steel-shredding War Wasps that attack you in perfect synchronization, followed by the whirling, fire-spitting Totem.
    • A giant mutated plant monstrosity with scythes for arms and insta-growth toxic vine shock-waves.
    • A vicious, demonic-looking mist-breathed hell-beast which can suck your shots away from their targets.
    • An eighty-ton rock and ice monster about sixty feet tall bent on reducing you to a broken mess.
    • Twenty-foot tall, mutated pirates that make the Hulk look weak and are packing some serious heat.
    • An attack drone you can't see, can't scan, and can't lock onto.
    • A fifty-foot tall, mutated pirate that can turn invisible.
    • Ridley, back from the dead with a cybernetic makeover and a bigger threat than ever.
    • The most powerful Metroid in the universe.
  • One for Retro and Nintendo here. NOBODY thought this game was going to work. Even levelheaded fans and critics were tearing into it before it came out, with claims that not only would it not feel like Metroid but would at best be a mediocre shooter. Nowadays, it and its two sequels are ranked amongst the greatest games in history.
    Stuttering Craig: When [Metroid Prime] was first announced, we thought it was going to suck. *insert image of PlayStation 3* How wrong we were. How wrong we were.