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Trivia: Happy Tree Friends
  • Banned In Russia: The show was taken off the air from Russian TV channel 22 for "promoting violence and brutality".
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Cub, Sniffles, and Mime (when he needs a vocal effect) are all voiced by women.
  • Enforced Method Acting: In "Shard at Work", Warren Graff choked himself with water while recording the scene where Handy gets a fish bowl stuck on his head.
  • Missing Episode: Several "irregular" episodes can't be found on Mondo Media's website. Among them are "Dino-Sore Days" (a sketch featuring a non-ice-encased Cro-Marmot), "Intimate Spotlight" (an "interview" with Cro-Marmot), Cuddles's "Smoochie" episode, and a Christmas episode titled "We Wish You".
  • Name's the Same: There's a far more famous Lammy the Lamb...
  • No Export for You: A lot of the merchandise is Japan Only.
  • The Other Darrin: Several changes in voice actors:
    • Giggles, Petunia and Cub have always shared a voice actor, though the role has been replaced twice: first Dana Belben, then Ellenn Connell, now Lori Jee.
    • David Winn replaced Rhode Montijo as both Lumpy and Splendid when Rhode left the show. Similarly, Kenn Navarro replaced Mark Giambruno as both Lifty and Shifty (although Giambruno's laughs were sampled in at least one episode) and Francis Carr replaced Jeff Biancalana as Russell.
    • Kenn Navarro voiced Handy in "A Hole Lotta Love" because Warren Graff was unavailable.
    • Subverted with Pop; Aubrey Ankrum's voice has been sampled since he left the show. Ankrum is also sampled for evil Flippy, but Kenn took over voicing good Flippy.
  • Schedule Slip: There have only been three episodes in 2010 and one full episode in 2011.. and it was a Christmas Episode.
    • Has since gone back to a monthly schedule.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Giggles, Petunia and Cub have always had the same voice actor, although the role has changed twice.
    • Lumpy and Splendid have always shared a voice actor, even when Montijo left the show.
    • Lifty, Shifty, Cuddles and good Flippy are all voiced by Kenn Navarro, although initially, Kenn only did Cuddles' voice.
    • Toothy and Handy have always had the same voice actor. Strangely enough, they've never interacted.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.
  • Word of God: It's confirmed that Flaky is indeed a girl.

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