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Trivia: GoldenEye
  • Actor-Shared Background: Some of Bond's demons parallel Brosnan's: Bond lost his wife in On Her Majestys Secret Service; Brosnan lost his wife to cancer). Bond alludes to this in Golden Eye and The World Is Not Enough, without making a big point of it.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: Part of the St. Petersburg tank chase was filmed on site. They faked all of the relevant statutes and treasures and smashed replicas on a UK Backlot, but that didn't stop a few breathless "They're destroying our art!" newscasts in Russia.
  • Development Hell / Saved from Development Hell: Not nearly as bad as most examples, but it took 6 years for Licence to Kill to get a follow-up due to legal problems, the longest tenure between two Bond films. During that, Timothy Dalton's contract expired and Pierce Brosnan got his job.
  • Fake Nationality: There's a lot of Fake Russians.
    • The Georgian Xenia is played by the Dutch Famke Janssen.
    • The Russian Boris played by the Scottish Alan Cumming.
    • The Russian General Ourumov is played by the German Gottfried John.
    • The Russian Defense Minister Mischkin is played by the Turkish-Greek-raised-in-France Tchéky Karyo.
    • The Russian Zukovsky played by the British Robbie Coltrane.
    • The Russian Natalya is played by the Polish-born-raised-in-Sweden Izabela Scorupco
    • An of course, the Very British James Bond is played by Irishman Pierce Brosnan.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Method Acting: Before filming the sequence in the sauna where Bond hurls her into the walls, Famke Janssen encouraged Pierce Brosnan to run her into the wall as hard as he could, and actually insisted he do it, citing that the walls were padded; Cue irony as Famke promptly managed to break a rib after Brosnan did as she demanded, the very damage her murderous thighs are meant to do in-movie.
  • Star-Making Role: Partial Aversion. Pierce Brosnan was already famous when GoldenEye was made, but after Remington Steele (which put him on the map) he lapsed into mediocrity. Bond revitalised his career greatly, to the point that he's the only Bond other than Sean Connery to have an active and lucrative film career.
    • Subverted with Izabella Scorupco, who turned down high profile lead roles in The Mask of Zorro and L.A. Confidential after the success of this film. Her acting career petered out, and she's only been in a few supporting roles since.
  • Technology Marches On: The movie came out in 1995. Natalya goes to an IBM office so she can contact Boris via the internet, and gives the sales rep a purchase order as a rather clever lie to use their connection. Computers using 500 megabyte hard drives, with 14.4 kbps modems, seem woefully underpowered today.
  • The Other Darrin: Samantha Bond replaced Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny.
  • Tuckerization: Jack Wade is named after uncredited screenwriter Kevin Wade.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Alan Rickman turned down the role of Alec Trevalyen. There was also talk of Anthony Hopkins playing role, with Trevelayan originally intended as having been a mentor/father figure to Bond rather than an equal.
    • A subversion from a previous example. Pierce Brosnan was originally chosen to replace Roger Moore as James Bond but wasn't able to get out of his Remington Steele contract leading to Timothy Dalton getting the part.

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