Trivia / Fritz the Cat

  • Descended Creator: Ralph Bakshi is the more competent pig-cop.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Robert Crumb drew the comic "Fritz the Superstar" in order to kill off Fritz because of the political viewpoint of the movie.
  • Follow the Leader: A slew of cheaply-produced, quickly-forgotten animated films for adults which weren't much more than cartoon porn came (no pun intended) in the wake of this film's success, many of which had taglines that read as some variation of "IF YOU LIKED FRITZ THE CAT, THEN YOU'LL LOVE..!" Down and Dirty Duck was probably the most well known of these films, but much like Fritz, it has a cult following, just not as big.
  • Name's the Same: Blue Bunny shares his name with a popular, long-running, American brand of ice cream. And no, it's unlikely that the latter is laced with drugs, no matter how addictive it is to eat.
  • Playing Against Type: Fritz is voiced by Skip Hinnant, who at the same time was a cast member of The Electric Company (1971).