Funny: Fritz the Cat

  • When Fritz realizes that the bomb right by him is about to explode, he reacts to this by two monotone words: "Far out."
  • "Look at this big fuckin' gun! (shoots the toilet) I killed the John! I killed the John!"
  • "Why does a great actor like James Earl Jones always have to play BLACK men?"
  • "I ain't no jive ass black nigger, honey. Who do you think I am? Geraldine?"
  • Fritz sets his dormitory on fire.
  • "Would you like to see a picture of my kids?"
  • The syngogue scene. It could double as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment, if it wasn't satirizing the Israeli/Palestine-conflict.
  • When Fritz is standing on the car in Harlem, talking about revolution, someone yells "Get the fuck off my car!"
  • The scene where Fritz accidentally pisses off the crow bartender by calling him "boy".
    Duke: (face-palm) Aww, MAN!
  • Fritz having to conduct his orgy in the bathtub because his dorm is packed with beatniks... who all eventually pack the bathtub because they want to get in on it!
  • While his girlfriend gives him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Fritz rolls his eyes, looks to the audience, and makes a "talking too much" gesture with a smirk.
  • Fritz in a garbage can:
    Winston: I'm not getting in that filthy, grimy garbage can with you!
    Fritz: (nonchalantly) Okay, go fuck yourself.
    • Then when Winston relents and gets in the garbage can with him:
    Winston: This is disgusting.
    Fritz: Hey, if you're gonna talk about my garbage can that way, you can just get the hell out.