Trivia: Conan the Barbarian (1982)

  • Actor Allusion: Thulsa Doom (as played by James Earl Jones) asks Conan to join him, and that he is pretty much his son now. He even repeats "My son" in a way that makes any Star Wars fan widen their eyes. Plus, the whole dark armor/massive helmet combo.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The Narrator KWONICKLER of Conan's tale is Aku.
  • Star-Making Role: Although this wasn't the first film that Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in, this was the role that turned Arnold into an action movie icon.
  • Trope Namers:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Producer Dino De Laurentiis initially insisted on an Eighties pop soundtrack for Conan the Barbarian, but director John Milius insisted on hiring his then-unknown school buddy Basil Poledouris instead. Basil proceeded to write one of the most famous classical music soundtracks ever made.
    • If Oliver Stone had his way, the film was going to be a Continuity Reboot set in the far future, with Conan battling mutants in lieu of or in addition to ape-men. Milius insisted on keeping the setting in the Hyborian age.
    • A sequel written by original director John Milius titled King Conan: Crown of Iron was written in 2001 and was intended to be a worthy follow-up to the original film (it would have disregarded Conan the Destroyer entirely). The project was moving forward but put on indefinite hiatus when Arnold was elected Governor of California. Eventually the project was canceled.
    • The novelization, based on an early version of the script, has quite a few. Conan has a fight scene with the dead king that he takes the sword from which rises up and tries to take it back. Thulsa Doom turns out to be a the last of a race of snake men, with the human form just as magically attained as the snake. His guards are another race entirely with face-obscuring helmets to hide the fact, and all but the top level of his fortress is their ancient home which he took over when he bound them to him by magic.