Trademark Favorite Food: Web Original

  • Homestar Runner: Flushy Push Marthmallows Fluffity Puffity Marshalades Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. He likes to eat about 147 of them before he drinks a tall, cold glass of melonade. Also, Bronco Trolleys (orange slice + peanut butter + Triscuit).
    • Speaking of melonade, some of his favorite flavors include Taco Annihilation, Athletic Berry Blast, Butt 1 Flavor, Quadruple Triple, Costa Latte Froth, and Sizzlin' Bacon Guava Quench.
    • Strong Bad: Cold Ones and Potate chips.
    • Marzipan: Tofu.
    • The King of Town: Butter.
    • The Cheat: Sudsuu (skim milk and gummy bears)
    • Dear God, the fandom went absolutely crazy with 1-Up (Homestar's Japanese anime reimagining) and his obsession with pudding
  • Rachel from Yukari Is Free loves Mustard. She puts it in everything. Even cereal.
  • Santa Christ: Pancakes
  • Dracula apparently really loves pot roast. At least that explains why Belmont would find it hidden in random walls...
  • Mr. Plinkett seems to have a thing for microwavable pizza rolls, oftentimes interrupting a movie review to whip a batch up and offer to mail some to people who ask. And sometimes they tell him to do things...
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd loves a bottle of Rolling Rock.
  • In the Metaverse, Villains love their Kraken.
  • Something Awful Goons like bacon. A lot. Experiments in goon cookery have led to such creations as baconweave, meathouse and finally the 17,000-calorie meatship, complete with bacon sails and little hotdog sailors. WE LOST BACON YOU DICKS!
  • Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee Croshaw apparently loves Branston Pickle. He's also mentioned Jacob's Cream Crackers quite a bit, as well as Cadbury Creme eggs. An attempt to remove the fillings to Cadbury Creme Eggs and replace it with Branston Pickle apparently did not go so well. He also frequently mentions Cornettos in his earlier videos.
  • Brad Jones absolutely LOVES Crystal Pepsi. He loves it so much that he's trying to start a letter campaign to bring it back.
    • Good news: It's back, or as near as makes no difference. Bad news: he can't drink it with his Jewish friends, because the brand is "Not See Kola".
  • Epic Meal Time's chefs add Bacon and Jack Daniels to a lot of their recipes.
  • Niclas Lundberg of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time and his pre-dinner Mayonnaise.
    "Mmm, it's good for you."
  • Yogscast
    • Simon Lane loves Jaffa Cakes.
    • He and Lewis Brindley also seem to drink tea quite a bit. Then again, they're British.
    • Strippin loves fast food and bacon. He jokes that if America ever bans the latter, he'll go back to Britain.
  • Tom from Echo Chamber seems to have an affinity for rice and salt.
    • Episode 4:
      Dana: Do you have any food here?
      Tom: I have some rice. You could add salt, if you're feeling adventurous.
      Dana: Oh, well as lovely as rice and salt sounds, I think I'm going to go out and eat...anywhere else.
    • Episode 6 has Tom making rice while he and Dana talk in the kitchen about Shannon.
      • He's also eating rice in a later scene, when they're discussing how Tom has started sleeping with Shannon again, though he's added bread crumbs and parmesan rather than just salt.
  • In the various Mr T Versus comics, Mr. T's exhortations for kids to drink their milk has been transformed into a full-on obsession with the drink, with him getting into many fights over milk, and the easiest way to get him on a plane is to drug his milk.
  • As parodies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Mangolin' Pangolins loved burgers.
  • Tobuscus has a thing for biscuits. And nuggets. And dipping them in mashed potatoes, which is memorialized in his single, "Nugget in a Biscuit".
  • Agent Logan from the Protectors of the Plot Continuum is addicted to iced tea, deprival of which sends him into a homicidal rage.
  • If you're on Gaia Online, don't get between Rufus and his fish.
  • Common in Mall Fight:
    • Eric can't get enough Chinese food, and eats it as much as he can. He loves it so much is the one and only exception to his pecitarianism. One of the first things he did in Mall Fight 3 was go to a Chinese restaurant.
    • Connor loves Yoo-hoo, guzzling it down alcohol.
    • Waffles has Vernors.
    • Tox has 7-UP and Subway sandwiches.
    • Diablo, on the other hand, drinks enough vodka to put the Heavy to shame. note 
  • In Always A Hero, you'd better have a glass of orange juice waiting for Cora when she comes to visit. The pulpier, the better!
  • The characters of Space Beasts often have favorite foods, Even if the Majority of them are Big Eaters in general, Marzipan is fond of Hamburgers, Jim likes Apple Pie, Edward Green likes Coffee and so on and so forth.
    • In the Sequel Series in which the main cast are now adults with kids of their own, Ichabod is asked what his favorite foods are, he states he likes fish and chips, German potato salad, scalloped potatoes and strawberries as some of his favorite things to eat.
  • In the Let's Play of Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, Bert and Dubz love pizza.
  • Neurotically Yours: Foamy the squirrel loves bagels and cream cheese.
  • For the Karate Duo Number One: LUCKY CANDY! Taste the glory!
  • Weebl Bull of Weebl & Bob likes pie.
  • In early episodes of KateModern, Charlie was extremely fond of "sangas" (sandwiches).
  • The title character in Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors seems to love tacos quite a lot.
  • Sky Does Minecraft loves butter and sushi.
  • Several of the major Youtube Poop characters have foods associated with them as a result of some lines from the source material.
    Mario: You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!
  • During a tournament, most of The Sharkasm Crew goes to Subway for dinner.
  • Kakyoin still enjoys cherries in Vaguely Recalling JoJo, but it gets turned into an obsession. He makes puns based on cherries, he keeps an cherry-themed alarm clock, and the group thinks that cherries can calm him down when he tries to attack Mannish Boy for being Death 13's Stand user.
  • Ice cream for Scrooge and the boys in the Ducktalez. Huey went through the trouble of rescuing Louie and Dewey just so they can enjoy some ice cream.
  • Baja Fresh burritos are this to the entire main cast of Tomorrows Nobodies, at least in the pre-reboot episodes.
  • Linkara's love of chicken fingers and chicken tenders has become a running joke amongst the rest of the Channel Awesome crew.
  • In the Dr. Tran universe, Hotel Soap eats cocaine. Because COCAINE IS VITAMINS FOR HOTEL SOAP!
    • There's also a talking chicken with an addiction to chewing gum.
  • The Birds Rights Activist loves bread.
  • Everyman Hybrid: HABIT loves pizza for some reason.
  • Francis Sparkle's is corndogs in Friendship is Witchcraft. He loves them so much that he made an entire outfit out of them for his wedding.
  • Matt of Two Best Friends Play stated that Reese's Puffs is the food of the gods in his cereal video.
  • Spradrap from Noob has a great love of custard, especially the one homemade by his grandmother once a week. Just thinking of it has at least twice worked as a Delicious Distraction and he's seen using it as his gaming account passwordnote  in the webseries and novel.