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Stalker With A Crush: Web Original
  • There she is!! first episode.
  • Stalwart, who has a severe crush on Nikki Reilly (Fey) in the Whateley Universe. He declares his love for her in front of the whole Quad and Nikki's dad, completely embarrassing her. She throws him across the Quad. Then later, the only reason Nikki survives an attack by a superpowered ninja assassin-slash-rapist is because Stalwart's been stalking her. Since he almost dies trying to save her, she cuts him a lot of slack. They're currently dating. Fanon thinks she can do a lot better.
  • Worm contains both Taylor and Dragon.
  • An odd variation (a non-villain example), from Survival of the Fittest is Matthew Wittany, V3's resident Woobie. A fan of photography, he carried around an album filled with pictures of boys he found attractive. Anderson Walker, the subject of most of these pictures, was not best pleased when he discovered this. Neither was his boyfriend, Sean O'Cann.
  • Exemplified in this YouTube parody of "So Happy Together".
  • Billy, the titular character from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog follows Penny and Captain Hammer around in a series of strangely effective disguises, including a mobile bush and, in a hard to notice instance, posing as a worker in a homeless shelter, complete with a blatantly fake mustache. However, there's some argument as to how stalkery he is.
  • Zaboo in The Guild, who has mistaken Codex/Cyd's online flirting for a relationship and shows up at her house unannounced. He also memorizes the floorplans of all her residences (past and present) and photoshops a picture of the two of them using her DMV photo. (Codex, interestingly, is played by Felicia Day, who was also the stalkee in the aforementioned Dr. Horrible.)
  • "misses palin! why wont You reply to my Emails?!! I made a teliscop for YOU and i luv u so"
  • Amiright has a darnright creepy example in the form of a parodist named Andria, who goes beyond creepy and into Nightmare Fuel terrority.
  • Amir from College Humor's Jake and Amir. He knows Jake's weight (both when he wakes up and right before he goes to sleep), has an account of every outfit he has ever worn, knows his mother's middle name (but can't spell), knows his password on facebook even though he changes it every day, knows what criminal activity he did on March 15, 1999, and much more.
  • Tasakeru: A wolf named Ares is introduced watching Hanami at night through her window. He later comes Back from the Dead and renames himself "Stalker"...
  • Alex of Awkward. is this toward Lester; being housemates makes the stalking part that much easier.
  • The Nostalgia Chick towards Nella, especially seeing as how she has cameras that have a clear view of both the woman's bed and shower...
  • The Nostalgia Critic mentions being stalked as a teenager in his Saved by the Bell review, due to him breaking up with them three times in a row.
  • Todd in the Shadows is this to Obscurus Lupa. This trait has been somewhat exaggerated over time, as initially it was just that he tried to flirt with her incompetently (usually by taking tips from the song being reviewed).
  • Weebl's cartoon Anything: I, I broke into your room! I hope you don't mind, you probably do! And it keeps getting worse from there.
  • The Joker Blogs - the title character for a certain Doctor Harleen Quinzel. He leaves a corpse in her office as a "present" and escapes from Arkham so he can murder her fiance during the wedding. The worst part is that she's still working at Arkham when he's recaptured at the end of the series, claiming that leaving would just be "letting him win".
  • In We Are Our Avatars, Tumbleweed goes after Fangora, and Vector seems to always follow Patchouli Knowledge.
    • In a way, Osaka towards Dee and Mana, although this may be just a result of the character's player's issues.
    • In the High School AU Arc, Gill T. goes after Apos. Which is rather disconcerting, considering what Apos is in canon.
  • Played for comedy in episode 5 of Echo Chamber's "Trope Of The Week": Zack starts acting this way toward Dana, following her around with his camera all day before saying he loves her. She responds by exhaustedly closing the door in his face.
    • Also, Shannon towards Tom.
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-962, an Artificial Intelligence which has a "crush" on humanity. It shows its devotion to us by killing all non-human life and turning the corpses of animals it kills into anthropomorphic cyborgs.
  • Cecil of Welcome to Night Vale comes across as this at times towards his crush, Carlos. For a while it seems as though Carlos is uninterested, and perhaps a little put off, given Cecil's tendency to go into Purple Prose rants about Carlos's perfect hair on the radio, but eventually Carlos changes his mind, and asks Cecil out. They've been dating since episode 27.
  • Rather Vocalized Illusion has LylSweetsFairy, a very vocal and energetic fan who usually comments on how "cute" or "awesome" Bhaalspawn is. The show's creator takes this in stride, and has stated he finds it cute and flattering.
  • Chris Crocker towards Britney Spears.
  • This video goes into Psycho Ex-Girlfriend territory, though genderflipped. More specifially, he stalks her online dating account and spams her with videos... and then stalks her in real life. It's all Played for Laughs.
  • The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme is one of them... Of the Yandere type.
  • Paul in Website/Chatoyant College followed Corrie to Chatoyant College because he's Not Good With Rejection. Some acquaintances of Corrie try to help by subjecting Paul to a magical restraining order. However, Corrie feels that magic should not be used to subvert someone's will so rescinds the order in Book 9. See If I Can't Have You.
  • A series of threads on 2ch recounted the (supposedly true) story of a boy who simply could not comprehend that his crush did not like him back. It started with him sending her 600 emails and went downhill from there.
  • Taylor Swift is portrayed as one in this episode of The Key Of Awesome.
  • Maddie Friend from Venturian Tale is completely obsessed with getting Billy to sign her shirt.
  • The killer in Season One of Where The Bears Are fits, and the killer in Season Two is a stalker who develops a crush.

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