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Shout Out: Resident Evil: Code: Veronica
  • An early scene in the Rockfort Island training facility involving a survivor in a hazard suit getting crushed against an observation window while Claire watches helplessly is an almost shot-for-shot homage to Return of the Living Dead III. The Bandersnatches were also supposedly based off of the zombie that was in that scene.
    • The Bandersnatch actually bears a strong resemblance to the "Tarman" zombie from the original Return of the Living Dead. If only he said BRAINS!
  • The name 'Bandersnach' comes from Lewis Carroll's work.
  • Alfred acting as Alexia is just like Norman Bates. In addition, the layout of the twins' private residence seems like a further Psycho reference.
  • Wesker's Lightning Bruiser moves are a shout out to The Matrix. Also, in an ode to Terminator, his eyes flash red behind his sunglasses in one cutscene. He is revealed to have Thriller-style cat eyes when his shades are knocked off by Chris.
  • There are a couple shout outs to Metal Gear Solid, such as where Alfred aims his sniper rifle at Claire and when Wesker gets a call on a "codec".
  • Alexia's second One-Winged Angel mutation resembles the breeding form of the Queen Alien from Aliens, with its blob-like ovipositor which she separates from for her final form.
  • The blindfolded monster Claire fights at Antarctica? His name is Nosferatu.
  • Alexia in general, from her forms, goals, and even her theme music, is one giant shout out to Eve.
  • Alexia's flammable blood attacks, an ode to Carrie 1975.
  • Steve is wearing a necklace with a small digital device on it near his jugular. It's similar to the explosive charges worn by the students in Battle Royale.
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