Headscratchers / Resident Evil Code: Veronica

     Steve's quite the popular, well-known guy! 
  • In Code: Veronica X, Wesker knows Steve's name. But Steve's dead, they never met before then, and there's no indication whatsoever that Wesker heard a few of the conversations in-game that would indicate that his name was Steve.
    • Steve was a prisoner of an Umbrella-run facility, and they would keep track of that sort of thing. Wesker had access to the facility's files by virtue of having just taken it over by force.

     Oh no, someone broke into our base! Let's ship them to our death camp! 
  • To quote The Dark Id regarding Claire's imprisonment on the island: "Instead of turning her over to the police like rational people, we decided to kidnap her and ship her off to our corporate branch death camp." Umbrella routinely makes stupid decisions, but there is seriously no real reason for them to lock up Claire themselves. It would be understandable if she knew corporate secrets or something, but she broke into the Paris lab facility specifically because she was looking for answers and any claims she made to the police would probably be dismissed.
    • Not necessarily. According to RE4's intro movie, after the thing in Raccoon City, the US Government started seriously looking at Umbrella and shut them down. Code Veronica would've been happening just as that investigation was getting started, so she would not have been so quickly dismissed.
      • Considering that Claire is one of the few survivors of the Raccoon City outbreak, and probably had some of those files picked up in the labs in RE2 ready to testify against Umbrella, it may not be as stupid as it seems. Then again, Wesker could have just decided to keep Claire around to lure Chris in.
      • Except that he had already betrayed Umbrella by that point. He wouldn't have been the one who made the decision to ship her off to Rockfort — the one responsible for that decision would have had to have been either Ozwell Spencer, Alfred Ashford, or whoever ran that facility she had broken into. I think the third is most likely, though he may have had to get Spencer's and/or Alfred's approval first — we don't have any way of knowing about that.

     Alexia's magic tentacles 
  • Where are those giant tentacles coming from? Are the coming from Alexia directly? Are they under the base? Why are there a bunch of giant tentacles under the base?

     I have had it with these freaking zombie outbreaks in these freaking Antarctic bases! 
  • Why are there zombies in the Antarctic base before Alexia is revived?
    • The D.I.J. Hero Mouse note for that area says that they took some of the T-Virus back to the Antarctica base because... they're Umbrella, and there was an outbreak there.
    • This troper assumes that some of the survivors who escaped in the planes before Claire and Steve were probably infected and spread the virus when they arrived.
  • They dumped the virus when the survivors started arriving (most likely on orders from Alfred), then those who weren't zombified left on the planes with the survivors.

    "I've got to contact Leon and tell him to let my brother know— Wait... Aw, shit." 
  • So, if Claire knew that Leon could get in touch with Chris the entire time, why in the blue hell didn't she just contact Leon in the first place to track Chris down? The whole "he doen't want her to get involved" excuse is a pretty weak one to begin with, even without the obvious matter that she already is involved after what happened in Raccoon and she obviously didn't intend to honor his wishes by ending her search. If there is some obscure official explanation somewhere that tries to spackle over this particular Plot Hole, I'd sure be amused to hear it.
    • It's not an obscure explanation at all. It's said point-blank in the game itself. When Claire finds Steve on the computer, Steve says that Chris is under direct Umbrella surveillance and he's found out about that via the computer. Claire gets on the terminal, discovers she has outside access, and shoots Leon an email or something that says "I'm in trouble, this is where my brother is, get in touch with him." It's stated about as blatantly as you could ever want.