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This page is for characters introduced in Resident Evil Code: Veronica only. For characters in other games or films in the game continuity, go to their respective debut media.

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     Steve Burnside 

Voiced by Bill Houston (2000) and Sam Riegel (2009)
"I'm glad that I met you ... I... I love you... Claire..."

The seventeen-year-old son of an Umbrella double agent appearing in Code: Veronica, captured and sent to prison on Rockfort Island along with his father. He managed to escape in the chaos of an outbreak of the T-Virus along with Claire Redfield, who he found himself teaming up with beyond the prison.

     Alfred Ashford 

Voiced by: Peter Oldring (2000) and Richard Cansino (2009)

Alexia's twin brother who had been running their estate and facilities on Rockfort Island in her place. Notably rather obsessed with his sister, having practically worshipped her ever since they were children, fully acknowledging her as the most intelligent of the two, and missed her for fifteen years.

     Alexia Ashford 

Voiced by: Leila Johnson (2000) and Karen Strassman (2009)

A noblewoman descended from one of Umbrella's founders, a genius scientist since at least the age of ten, and the prominent antagonist of Code: Veronica despite having been, as far as anyone knows, dead as of fifteen years before the game took place. She wasn't. Rather, she was in cryogenic sleep to incubate the specially-altered strain of the T-Veronica virus she injected herself with when she was twelve to become a god.

     Rodrigo Juan Raval 

Voiced by: Martin Roach (2000)

An Umbrella security agent responsible for capturing Claire and having her imprisoned on Rockfort Island.

  • Badass Normal: Although he's been critically wounded by HCF troops, Rodrigo is one of the only Umbrella personnel still alive on the island by the time the game begins.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Swallowed whole by the Gulp Worm and, if you decide to kill the monster, he's thrown back up after being partially digested by it. Not at all a pleasant way to go.
  • Last of His Kind: You don't discover this about him until after he dies where he is apparently the last surviving member of his family and with him gone, there's no one left in the bloodline.
  • Pet the Dog: He releases Claire from her cell, deciding that if she has no hope of escape anyway, she may as well die free. Claire later returns the favor by bringing him another bottle of hemostat to staunch his bleeding.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He's a jailer for Umbrella, but personally he's quite a nice guy.

     Alexander Ashford/Nosferatu 

Voiced by: JB Blanc (2009)

The son of Edward Ashford and father of Alexia and Alfred. Used by them a guinea pig for the T-Veronica virus turning him into the monster Nosferatu.

  • Mad Scientist: He created Alexia and Alfred from a piece of Veronica Ashford. However he was not as smart as his father or his children.
  • Psycho Prototype: He was the first person infected by the T-Veronica virus, both so Alexia could have revenge of her father, and to see what would happen if a human was infected by the T-Veronica virus.
  • Tragic Monster: After his children found out how he created them, Alexia used him as a guinea pig for her T-Veronica virus turning him into the monster Nosferatu.

     Edward Ashford

One of the three founders of Umbrella along with Ozwell E. Spencer and Dr. James Marcus, mentioned in the files and depicted in a portrait in the Ashford Mansion.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Subverted, he was the only founder of Umbrella who was actually a good guy.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Implied, since he wanted Umbrella to be a normal pharmaceutical company.
  • Minor Major Character: He's one of the founders of Umbrella (the antagonist, Bigger Bad or Greater-Scope Villain of a lot of games of the serie). His two co-founders play important roles. Not him, who just receives a few passing mentions. Justified since he's dead when the games begin.
  • Only Sane Man: Unlike Spencer or Marcus, Ashford was actually wanting to use the Progenitor Virus for actual medical purposes. Files indicate he actually wanted Umbrella to be just an ordinary pharmaceutical company and not an insane conspiracy that makes bioweapons.
  • Posthumous Character: By the game's beginning, Edward Ashford has been dead for years, having accidentally died under mysterious circumstances (with the implication that his son Alexander took the blame for the accident, with the further implication that Ozwell Spencer may have been the one really responsible)
  • Token Good Teammate: For the founders of Umbrella. He's the only one who seemed to be sane and to have some ethics.


A mouse who runs around Rockfort Island and later Antarctica. Yes, really. With careful observation, he can actually be seen throughout the game proper, but his existence is only explicitly pointed out in two scenes: Claire opening a locker to free him, and finding his diary in the Battle Game.