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Awesome: Resident Evil: Code: Veronica
  • I found Claire attempting to raid Umbrella HQ BY HERSELF to be a Moment of Awesome, even though she gets caught.
    • Let us not forget, she also outruns a helicopter that's shooting at her.
    • And how she manages to wipe out a whole crowd of Umbrella security guards.
  • Claire's fight with the Tyrant in Code: Veronica counts as well. "Oh, nothing. Just a big cockroach that needed to be stepped on."
    • In The Darkside Chronicles, the rematch with the T-078 Tyrant is the same as before...but the ending is a Moment of Awesome for the Tyrant. Claire and Steve throw the box of explosives at the Tyrant like before, but he actually catches it and throws it out of the plane! Then, they have the idea of shooting a missile at it. They shoot the lock off, and the Tyrant actually catches the missile and briefly holds it back!
  • Even Alexia Ashford gets her own Moment of Awesome in the original version when she takes on Albert Wesker. After all the crap he put you through in RE1, it is truly an awesome sight to see Wesker get his ass handed to him.
    • In Code: Veronica X, Wesker has his own Moment of Awesome; he runs up the wall and decks her one while he's on fire.
  • Steve Burnside being able to somehow resist a virus that either makes you mutate horribly and want to kill anything that you come across or gives you immense powers as his own moment.
  • It's so hard as hell to actually pull off that many fans believed it was just a rumor, but it is indeed possible to finish off Nosferatu using the knife, which Claire sinks up to the hilt in its exposed heart. And it is glorious.
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