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Shout Out: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  • One of Jill's extra costumes mimics Regina's appearance from Dino Crisis, which was developed concurrently.
  • The ending sequence involves a missile strike on the city in a sequence that greatly resembles the end of the first Return of the Living Dead.
  • When you reach the power station, you may get a Live Choice as to how to deal with an incoming zombie swarm. One option is to turn on the power to the exterior fence, which results in a sequence a lot like the ending of Return of the Living Dead II.
    • Speaking of Return of the Living Dead, we see zombies rising out of graves in this one, something the first film did to great effect (and while raining, to boot).
  • The Nemesis itself has some similarities to The Terminator, as both are nigh-indestructible monsters who pursue their victims through a urban environment. Speaking of...the Crowning Moment Of Awesome page mentions Terminator cocking a shotgun one handed, this is exactly what Jill does.

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