Self Demonstrating / LOLCats

Tropecat found teh Idiot Ball, but she did not eated it.

"Oh, oh, and you know what else I found on the web? It's these pictures of cats and they write these — Oh, look at this one. "Invisible cheeseburger!" No, huh? Well, it's not for everyone. I just think they're funny."
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Phineas and Ferb


Lolcats r a teh intertube meme wich is best describbed as lovechild of teh Cute Kittens and Memetic Mutation. Lolcats r Image Macros that mix pics of kittehs with captions wut mak u LOL, uslly in of inglish that not verry good, known as "kitteh pidgin" or "lolspeak." It shud be noteds that usng bad spilling as humour is is has been arond 4 very long times. And putting kittehs with LOL captions, gos bak even furrthr. Howevs, the modern-deh kittehs originates from teh Image Board 4chan, where evry Saturday usrs posts funneh pix of kittehs, a practice called "Caturday". ppl no see this much til teh site I Can Has Cheezburger? wuz lunched, which takes name from this poplar pic.

But teh Lolcats extend furrthr tan jus Image Macros. It also makeds "Kitteh Pidgin" (a.k.a "Lolspeak"), which is widely regarded as being teh first lnguage born o teh intertubes, along with a programming languge an evn a kitteh theolgy, complete with its own Bible transtalion an blasphmrs. You just no want to try in real life. There evn been a artcle in teh magazine ''Time on teh kittehs.

They have made LOLspinnoffs liek Loldogs, Lolruses, Lolbunnies, Lolbirds, Lolhamsters, Lolowls, Lolpigs, Lolthulhu, an evn Lolhumans liek Lolpresidents.

Tropes associated teh Lolcats: