Say My Name: Film

  • In Downfall, Adolf Hitler screams Hermann Fegelein's last name after finding out he has deserted the bunker. "FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!" This scene tends to then be a popular choice for people to give gag subtitles for Hitler Rants videos.
  • In Ever After:
    • Prince Henry returns to rescue Danielle (not that she needs much rescuing), he makes an apology for being a complete Jerkass. Danielle tells him to say it again, and he apologizes again, but she says: "No, the part where you say my name." The prince only knew Danielle by a pseudonym for the majority of the movie.
    • Prince Henry tells Danielle to call him Henry instead of "Your Highness", which is how he demanded she refer to him as when he discovered she was actually a commoner.
  • In the Bela Lugosi Dracula (1931), Jonathan Harker and Mina are pretty much reduced to this for most of the film.
  • Siskel & Ebert mocked Hellbound: Hellraiser II for the two lead characters screaming their names at each other during the entire film. Roger Ebert commented he became initimately familiar with their names because the movie never let him forget them.
  • Spider-Man Trilogy: Spider-Man calls his beloved Mary Jane several times with various flavours. See this compilation: "HANG ON, MARY JANE!"
  • Watch Titanic with a notepad and write down how many times the names "Jack" and "Rose" are called out between the two characters. Even if you don't make a Drinking Game out of it, your vision will still swim by the first hour of the movie. This is not a joke or exaggeration. See the evidence. note .
  • American Pie: Covert Pervert Michelle demands her name be said while she is in bed with Jim.
    Michelle: What's my name? Say my name, bitch!
    Jim: Michelle! Michelle.
  • Chain Reaction has the character played by Morgan Freeman repeatedly saying the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves in casual conversation. It's not for dramatic effect, it's just bad writing.
  • RIDDIIICK! — Every Bounty Hunter, Mercenary Leader, and otherwise sapient baddy in any part of The Chronicles of Riddick.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show features an infamous scene where the characters shout each others' names in shock after Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Brad, and Dr. Scott catch Janet and Rocky in the tank after they have (musical) sex. "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "[grunt]" "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "[grunt]" "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "[grunt]" They go through this three times, each time with the exact same expressions and inflections. For bonus points, at midnight showings shout "Bullwinkle!" after Rocky.
  • The Star Trek movies:
    • "KHAAAAAN!" Captain Kirk is being a Large Ham on purpose, in order to fool Khan into thinking he's won.
    • Khan has his fair share of shouting "KIRK!"
    • Data's name is also shouted at him by the Borg Queen at an appropriate moment in the movie First Contact. His response? "Resistance is futile."
    • Star Trek parodied itself in the movie from 2009, where the name shouted by Nero is "SPOCK!" With the interesting twist that he was thwarted by his enemy's younger self.
    • See this video: "Spock!" "Captain!" "Bones!" "Spock!" "Jim!" Spock is bedridden. Kirk is worried. Doctor is concerned.
    • Star Trek Into Darkness played it relatively straight on the other hand, as an infuriated and emotional Spock has to helplessly watch Kirk die. Cue Spock going "KHAAAAAN!"
  • In The Godfather, part III, from Vincent Mancini when killing The Dragon : "How are you, Joe... [Shoots him three times] ZASA!"
  • In the 2005 "remix" of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari:
    • Frances has lots of fun screaming Caligari's name during one chase scene.
    • Caligari has lots of fun with "CESARE! WAKE UP, CESARE!"
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
  • ''Gladiator: Whenever Maximus Decimus Meridius wins a gladiator match, the crowd chants his name. Before he reveals his identity they shout, "SPANIARD! SPANIARD! SPANIARD!" and afterward it's, "MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS!"
  • The Graduate. The glass-pounding scene in the church when the titular graduate screams "ELAINE!" at the top of his voice (twenty times!). Elaine is getting married to someone else and he does not want that.
  • The Dark Knight:
    • When Harvey Dent after getting half his face burned off demands that Jim Gordon tell him the nickname the cops had for him when he was an investigator in Internal Affairs: "Two-Face. Harvey Two-Face."
  • Serenity plays this trope for laughs. Jayne, who is not the smartest cookie in their crew, screams Mal's name when they are robbing money from the Aliance. As if he wanted to get caught or something.
    Jayne: MAAAL!
    Mal: Every heist he's gotta start yelling my name.
  • The Neverending Story, when Atreyu screams, "ARTAX!"
    • Bastian can only cure the Empress and save Fantasia by giving her a new name, and shouting it aloud. Because there's a storm and Barrett Oliver shouts the name incoherently, it's impossible to tell what name Bastian picked. This may have been intentional so that the viewer can imagine that Bastian shouted the name of their choice; in the original book, however, the new name of the Empress was explicitly stated and everybody in Fantasia learned it.
  • In Slumdog Millionaire, Jamal sees that his love interest has met him at the train station like promised and happily yells out "Latika! Latika!" This soon changes to a horrified "LATIKAAA!" when he looks behind her and sees his brother racing after her to drag her back to the gang leader she was trying to escape from.
  • Cast Away: "WIIILSSOOON! I'm sorry, Wilson!" When Chuck loses Wilson, a volleyball with a face painted on it (his way of coping with the isolation), while at sea.
  • Home Alone: When Kevin's mum realizes that she has forgotten something... That she has left something at home... KEVIN!
  • In the film version of Outlaw of Gor, protagonist Tarl Cabot's name is said fifty-five times in the first ten minutes alone (IMDB's count), mostly by Cabot's annoying, wormy friend.
  • Transformers:
    • In the trailers, the lead character Sam Witwicky shouts the name of the Autobot leader. OPTIMUS!
    • In the final battle, Optimus Prime arrives in the city and confronts Megatron, who had just killed Jazz. Optimus seems rather angry to see Megatron alive and well, and the fact he is holding the corpse of one of Optimus's friends doesn't help, whereas Megatron seems almost happy to see his rival. They haven't seen each other in over 10,000 years. Their first words to each other?
    Optimus Prime: MEGATRON!
    Megatron: PRIIIME!
  • The Seltzer and Friedberg monstrosity Disaster Movie has characters from random films saying who they are, complete with I Am Not Shazam.
  • Parody examples might be ripped-off from Wuthering Heights's "HEATHCLIFF!" "CATHERINE!" exchange, which didn't happen at all in the book, but it was an effective way of translating their crazy love into a visual medium.
  • Indiana Jones gets "INDY!" or "JONES!" screamed at him all the time. There's also a notable moment when his father saves him from a Death by Materialism by finally addressing him by his preferred moniker "Indiana" (instead of "Junior").
  • Near the end of The Final, Dane has Jerk Jock Bradley strapped to a chair and tells him to say his name. Dane is shocked to learn that, despite Bradley bullying him for years, Bradley does not even know his name.
  • Highlander II: The Quickening gives us a glorious mid-quickening "RAAMIIREEZ!" after Connor kills General Katana's two henchmen. Then we learn that the quickening has the never-seen-before-or-after power to bring people back to life by screaming their names. As you might be able guess by the fact that someone is named "General Katana", this movie is not very good.
  • An effective twist appears in the film Inkheart. The camera shows us Resa yelling Meggie's name as Meggie is being shoved away by guards, but since she is mute there is no sound.
  • In Rush Hour 2 Lee and Carter have what they think is a bomb but can't decide what to do with it. Hilarity Ensues:
    Carter: LEE!
    Lee: CARTER!
    Carter: LEE!
    Lee: CARTER!
    ': [takes a breath] LEE!
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, the Turtles are waiting for Shredder to show up at the site of their showdown.
    Raphael: SHREDDER!
    (Other turtles jump in surprise. Donatello grabs Raph's shoulder.)
    Don: Thanks, Raph! I may never have the hiccups again!
  • In The Edge, Alec Baldwin's character says "Charles" (the name of Anthony Hopkins' character) dozens, maybe hundreds of times. See the evidence.
  • At the end of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, Laurie turns the tables on Michael Myers and screams his name, effectively turning the hunter into the hunted.
  • The 2009 short film Being Carl Williams sees actor Gyton Grantley confused for real life underworld killer Carl Williams (whom he played in the TV series Underbelly). His desperate efforts to convince his assailants that he's not the real Carl Williams are not helped when the man they want 'Carl' to kill spots Gyton Grantley for the first time, likewise confuses him for Carl Williams, and immediately launches into this trope.
  • In The Ten Commandments, Seti I reluctantly commands that the name "Moses" must be stripped from every monument and text in Egypt. This was really how the Egyptians made you an Unperson and banned your soul from the next life. It also "explains" why Moses isn't mentioned in Egyptian documents. Cecil B. DeMille resurrects the historical Moses and grants him passage to heaven by having everybody say his name.
  • In the climax of The Mask of Zorro, Diego and Rafael have an understated version, where it's practically a whisper. It actually makes it more powerful.
    Rafael: de la Vega.
    Diego: Rafael. [punches him]
  • In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ed Rooney calls his secretary when he sees that Ferris' absence count has dropped from 9 to 2 because Ferris hacked his computer.
    Ed Rooney: Grace! GRACE!! GRAAACE!!!
  • In Sucker Punch, in Baby-Doll's imagination, Sweet Pea does this during Rocket's Dying Moment of Awesome and Heroic Sacrifice, after she's been saved by her. This coincides with Rocket getting stabbed after pushing Sweet Pea away from the chef.
    Sweet Pea: ROOOCKEEEEET!
  • Harry Potter. People tend to say Harry's name a lot. He's the protagonist, after all. Someone made a montage of all the times characters say "Potter." See also a REVISED version.
  • Skyfall:
    • An imprisoned Silvia tries to invoke this by demanding M call him by his real name. She will have none of it.
      M: Your name is on the memorial wall of the very building you attacked. I will have it struck off. Soon, your past will be as non-existent as your future.
    • The next scene plays it straight when M turns to Bond and tells him Silva's real name, Tiago Rodriguez.
  • Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet:
    • Leonardo DiCaprio's Romeo lets out an anguished "JULIET! JULIET!" when he learns of Juliet's fate. Though unbeknownst to him, she's Not Quite Dead.
    • During Mercutio's death scene, we have: "NO! MERCUTIO!"
  • In The Film of the Book of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Edmund and Lucy are constantly calling each other's name whenever they're separated from each other or when they're talking to one another.
  • The Lord of the Rings film trilogy:
    • Frodo screaming "GAANDAAALFF!!" just before he gives his [in]famous, big Hollywood "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" as the Balrog drags Gandalf down with it.
    • Sam screaming, "FRODOO!!" Heck, you can make a drinking game out of the number of times Frodo's name is said or yelled out (by any character).
  • Scary Movie, first part. Cindy and Bobby finally have sex. Bobby's dream has come true. Or has it?
    Bobby: Whut?
    Cindy: [slaps him] WHAT'S MY NAME, BITCH? [slaps him HARD]
    Bobby: [crying] Ow, God, it's CINDY!
  • In the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film, Watson, while running after the villain with Holmes following a couple hundred feet behind him, trips a bomb wire, hears ticking, and in (what he thinks is) his last living moment, has the presence of mind to turn around with his hand thrown out in the universal "stop" gesture and scream "HOOOOLLLMMES!" to warn Holmes not to come any nearer, as he's about to get blown up. However, in the film's trailer, the clip is cut in such a way that the implication is that Watson has just seen something dangerous happening to Holmes and is doing this trope combined with a Futile Hand Reach of concern.
  • In the climax of Chronicle, heroic Matt is constantly shouting his cousin Andrew's name, first calmly pleading, then desperately sobbing for him to stop his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. It doesn't work.