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Referenced By: The Lion King
Live-Action TV
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Phillip sits on a rabbit belonging to his five-year-old son, Nicholas. He tries to smooth over the explanation by referring to Mufasa's death, but Nicholas realizes what his father is doing and interrupts him.

Web Original
  • SF Debris uses the song "Circle of Life" to emphasise the predatory nature of mutant serial killer Tooms in his reviews of The X-Files episodes "Squeeze" and "Tooms".
  • The Stinger of the Ultra Fast Pony episode "Makin' Babies" shows Filly Rarity being dragged to her density and lamenting that it isn't Pride Rock, just "regular rock".


Western Animation
  • A Cold Open for Animaniacs had a parody called "The Tiger Prince", with Yakko in the role of Rafiki.
  • The Pinky and the Brain episode "Brain's Song" had the mice subjected to a sadness experiment by watching a parody of the scene where Simba finds Mufasa's dead body, giving Brain inspiration for his next scheme.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Stan Knows Best", Stan reminisces of the time when he and Hayley actually loved each other and remembers her sucking on a Lion King blanket.
  • The Family Guy episode "Peter Problems" features a parody where a monkey lifts a lion cub in the air from atop Pride Rock, followed by Peter showing up with a forklift lifting another cub up to a higher height. Two giraffes then comment on when the bris will take place.
  • The Drawn Together episode "Clum Babies" has Wooldoor lifting his first "cl;um baby" into the air while the other housemates bow in respect.
  • The MAD sketch Avaturd has Jake Smelly being named king of the Na'vi for saving them, where Rafiki promptly shows up to lift him into the air.

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