Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 02 The Girl In Gold Boots

Film watched: The Girl in Gold Boots

The episode is notable both for being Mike Nelson's favorite episode of the series and also for introducing a storyline in Season 10 that featured Pearl becoming a fully accredited mad scientist. This storyline was dropped within a few episodes as the show was cancelled.

The Segments

  • Crow shows off his WWBSMNDnote  bracelet. Servo gives him a hypothetical situation and asks what Crow would do. Crow's solution? Write a folk song!

Pearl does the throw to commercial.

Segment 1
  • More fun with WWJD-like bracelets. Down in Castle Forrester, Pearl is acting madder than usual. Turns out she has to get board-certified with the Institute of Mad Scientists in order to take over the world legally.

Segment 2
  • Crow forces Mike to pour beer over his most prized possession: a personalized heirloom beer stein. Then Mike says that Crow is also most dear to him, so Crow demands the beer be poured over him as well.

Segment 3
  • Crow does a go-go dance while Servo watches. Mike is disgusted at Crow taking off the gold bikini, despite the fact that Crow normally wears nothing at all.

Segment 4
  • Mike sings a sad song, parodying a song from the film. Crow tries to attract Mike's attention to a fire that just broke out.

Segment 5
  • Mike and the Bots dress as Armenian mobsters. The inspector originally tells Pearl that she failed, but he quickly changes his mind when he sees Brain Guy go-go dancing.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode of this movie contains examples of:

  • Adaptation Induced Plothole: The MST3K version cuts out an important scene in which the dealer Buz visits is revealed to have Harry Blass in his trunk using ridiculously outdated "listening equipment", hence explaining why he knows where to look for Buz later in the film during the next drug buy.
  • Bowdlerization: TV airings of the episode "deleted" a shot of Michele toking up a joint by reusing slowed-down footage from earlier in the scene, although Mike and the Bots riff right along to the original footage. The DVD print leaves the scene intact.
  • Brain Bleach: Mike is inexplicably horrified by Crow stripping out of a gold bikini, which is odd since Crow is always nude. Crow points this out to him.
  • Brick Joke: In the first scene, Tom jokes that Michelle steals a toothpick from the diner to sell for travel money. Many scenes later:
    Gas station attendant: "Will this be cash or charge?"
    Mike: "Ah, will you accept a toothpick?"
  • Fan Disservice: "Can I pony!?"
  • Fanservice: Joanie and Michele in their underwear. When Joanie moves to remove Michele's bra and the scene cuts to Buz, Servo cries out, "Hey, hey, hey... oh, bad cut!"
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Harry telling Buz that the inmate who saw them "can't finger you without my help" is followed by Crow saying "seeing as how you're wearing a jumpsuit."
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When Mike reacts badly to Crow's striptease, the bots mockingly refer to him as Mike "Taliban" Nelson. This was yet a few years before that group's association with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda became significant in the American view.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Supposedly legendary bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn is in the band. Presumably this was before he began to resemble Jeff Lynne.
  • Ho Yay: As Crow shakes his booty and gradually removes a gold bikini, and Mike recoils in horror, Servo eggs him on, equipped with a roll of ones "the size of a pork roast."
    • Also, they imply that Critter and Buz are actually attracted to each other rather than Michelle.
  • Inherently Funny Words: "Critter" and "Buz".
    Crow: I'm having Critter's varmint!
  • Insult Backfire: Crow mocks a scene in the movie in which Buz pours beer on a thug's motorcycle, by "forcing" Mike to pour beer on his most cherished possession: a vintage beer stein. Then Mike points out that Crow is dear to him, so he forces Mike to pour beer on Crow's own head.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: Subverted in "Oh, I Am Sad"; Mike leaps up and runs off when Crow proposes making nachos, but his song continues on without him.
  • Notable Original Music: Mike reenacts Critter's "busking" scene, singing (well, badly lip-synching) a sad song while rain (inexplicably) falls outside the satellite window. Crow, shown in another part of the ship via Split Screen, keeps appearing, warning Mike that the rain has gotten into the insulation and caused a small electrical fire. Eventually Crow is battling a raging fire and shouting at Mike to get to safety; Mike obliviously continues singing about "raindrops and snowflakes and pu-up-pies." However, Mike is more than interested in the snacks Crow and Servo are enjoying, and bolts to join them - as Mike's soundtrack keeps singing.
  • Running Gag: He's only a child.
    • The dancers' inability to dance.
    Mike: What do you have to do not to get hired as a dancer here?
  • Split Screen: In the film, Critter sings a mournful song of love to (freakishly large) dream images of Michelle that keep fading in and out.
    Crow (as Michelle): I can't go out with you because I'm considerably bigger than you.
  • Special Effects Failure: Michelle and Critter are chatting in a roadside coffee shop when suddenly the film jumps with an editing cut and Buz appears drinking a beer next to them.
    Crow (as Buz): C'mon, I just teleported! It's impressive!
    • One host segment parodies the obvious ADR singing in the film.
  • Take That:
    Leo: Michelle, you may be the luckiest girl in Hollywood.
    Crow: No, that'd be Lea Thompson.
  • Vandalism Backfire: One of the host segments features Crow (riffing on a scene in the movie) forcing Mike to pour beer over his most precious possessions. These turn out to be his prized beer-stein and Crow himself.
    Crow: (dripping with beer) "That didn't really pan out the way I expected."
  • Weird Trade Union: Pearl spends the episode trying to convince a representative from the Mad Scientist's guild that she should be accredited as one of them. She fails miserably until Observer starts shakin' his groove thing in go-go boots.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: They speculate that Michelle's dad has reformed and become the successful owner of a chain of "Eat"s.
  • With Lyrics: Servo imposes his own lyrics about The Sixties over the song "Cowboy Santa" as the kids drive through downtown L.A. at Christmastime.
    Oh, Charles Manson walks the streets
    The Zodiac Killer's at large!
    Charles Bukowski is pukin' out the window
    And Santa Claus is on his way-hey!
    • Later:
      Critter: But you must come down, put your feet on the ground, by and by.
      Servo: You're living a lie.
      Critter: You gotta come down.
      Servo: You dance like a clown.
      Critter: By and by.
      Servo: I hope that you die!