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Recap: Family Guy S 3 E 1 The Thin White Line
Brian goes to his therapist to tell him how bored he is with life, when he suggests to him to volunteer to help others, such as taking a blind man to see The Blair Witch Project and playing checkers with a crazy old woman who's on life support and tricked Brian into pulling the plug on her.

Afterwards, Brian comes home and smells what Bonnie had cooked the other night, which impresses Joe, who recommends Brian to join the squad and be a drug-sniffing dog. At first, things are going well, but once the police find a cocaine stash, Brian secretly becomes addicted to it and goes crazy, leading to him being kicked out of the squad. After an intervention with his therapist and the Griffins, Brian is entered into a rehabilitation clinic, which means that the family has to give up their cruise vacation, but Peter fakes being a heroin addict to get into the fancy clinic.

There, Peter creates mischief, and convinces Brian to go with him and prank the teenage mothers by putting their hands in water, resulting in their babies being born prematurely. The administrator is angry about this and blames Peter for being a bad influence on Brian, but Brian defends him and they leave, saying that he's cured. Later that night, Brian comes home to a party celebrating his sobriety, where he announces he's leaving to find himself.
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