Quotes: This Means War!

Premier Khrushchev: Force will be met by force. If the U.S. wants war, that's its problem.
President Kennedy: Then, Mr. Chairman, there will be a war. It will be a cold, long winter.
1961 Vienna Summit

"It would be superfluous in me to point out to your lordship that this is war."
Charles Francis Adams, US Minister to the UK, to British Foreign Secretary Earl Russell.note 

"ALL RIGHT! This is war!"

"That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more!"

"Draw the Warlock's blade. The time for mercy is long past."
Eldar Announcer, Dawn of War II

"Rick Ross (not to be confused with the rapper of the same name) is an anti-cult activist. He got into the cult thing when he discovered a Pentecostal cult infiltrating the Jewish nursing home his grandmother was in, and got just a bit pissed off at that sort of thing."