Quotes / This Loser Is You


"Wake up, will ya! You're living in some kind of fantasy world! Here's a dose of reality for ya. You're a weakling. You're never gonna be strong no matter how hard ya try. You're a loser! You're always gonna be a loser and guys like me are gonna step on ya for the rest of your worthless life!"

"[The protagonist Atsuko Kagari is] like someone who joined the [animation] industry out of passion but without actual technique, so she can’t draw clean lines for in-betweens. Yet she has that egocentric confidence about being able to draw good key frames despite that. We wanted to transpose that idea in a wizard story."

    Comic Books 

There, happy now? Pleased to see the mystery resolved? Little old me getting the girl, the cash, and ending our story as one of the secret masters of the world? God, you are such an asshole, and I speak from experience. It only seems like yesterday I was at your level on the pathetic-o-meter.
Wesley Gibson, Wanted

    Live-Action TV 

"America, America, this is you"
— The original theme song for America's Funniest Home Videos, a half-hour of recordings of people doing stupid, stupid things.

"Are you having trouble finding your ideal mate? How about any mate? Do you fear you'll be the last man or woman on earth still not getting any? Are you using roofies to score? And you still hope to land that prince or princess of your dreams? Well wake up Sleeping Ugly! Because your only hope is Lowered Expectations. Our video library allows you to choose from thousands of chronically rejected singles just as hard up and pathetic as you. So good luck, you'll need it."
Host, MADtv, "Lowered Expectations"


Here's the last toast of the evening, here's to those who still believe
All the losers will be winners, all the givers shall receive
Here's to trouble free tomorrows, may your sorrows all be small
Here's to the losers, here's to the losers
Here's to the losers, bless them all
—"Here's to the Losers", Frank Sinatra

    Web Animation 

No More Heroes is a Japanese game based around Jedi lightsaber fighting and starring as the main character a hopeless pop-culture obsessed social reject who spends most of his time whining, getting strung along by women, and being a generally unlikeable fuckbend. So at least you can't fault it for understanding its audience (predictable joke).

    Web Original 

Pegg’s Gary King is like those people we all know, who flourished back in the days when social standing was determined by haircuts or being good at football, but with grey, adult lives that made so few new memories, schooldays are grimly fresh in their minds. His rage at the excruciating limbo of adulthood, where you feel you’ve been sold a lie; exciting beginnings that never begin, fulfilling futures that didn’t show up...These periods are easily revisited, even unintentionally, with sense-memory time-travel, like the Stone Roses songs that farted out of King’s tape-deck. Sometimes you doze off and have a cruel snatch of a dream that puts you right back there. You’re at your first job, or back in the sixth form, and you feel it; that hope, and all the possibilities; things you didn’t even realise you felt at the time, but now they’re gone, and you’re 34, broke, falling asleep in the bath to flashes of a time when you felt like you had a life awaiting you, and the only thing that stops you opening your fucking neck with a bread knife is knowing how badly your mum would take it. Anyway, great film.

Rose pretty much lives up to every working class stereotype; being brought up in an ugly council estate with an absent father (okay he died) and a scrounging mother who is as common as muck and keeps going on about compensation and handouts. Jackie goes one step further by being a total tramp, coming onto the Doctor (a complete stranger) in her dressing gown. But what salvages all of these characters is the natural good humour that they express and the fact that they all seem so real...She has no A Levels, no job and no future — perfect companion material then.

I've heard a theory that says heroes need to be slightly dumb so that the audience member who makes a lot of mistakes herself can emphasize with them. That makes me think of a lot of books I've read and decide, 'Not that dumb.'
— Limyaael's Fantasy Rants

    Web Video 

"You buy our crap because you're a loser, so keep buying our crap, loser!"
Linkara on a scene in One More Day

Yes, Kari Wurther from Sliders is in this movie. She plays a spoiled, wisecracking valley girl who accidentally crashes through the Portal of Time and finds herself in Dar's dimension—and let's just say, she's not exactly the best ambassador our world could send.

Who doesn't remember the time when no one came to your sixteenth birthday party? Or when you wrote erotic fanfiction about the hot guy in class and accidentally handed it instead of the assignment? (Movie, that's not relatable. That's creepy.)
The Nostalgia Chick, on Louise from Teen Witch

    Western Animation 

Bart: Kwyjibo. Uh... a big, dumb, balding North American ape. With no chin.
Marge: And a short temper.
Homer: I'll show you a big, dumb, balding ape! [leaps for Bart]
Bart: Uh oh. Kwyjibo on the loose!