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Quotes: One-Letter Name
Man 1: "This is ridiculous. Let's let L solve the case."
Man 2: "Poor guy thinks the alphabet will solve the case."

Rock: I know! We can call the future Zero just 'Z'!
Bass: 'Z'? That's a letter, not a name! offense, X...
X: None taken, I guess...

Isaac Washington:"You ever gonna tell anyone what the fuckin' G stands for?"
Agent G:"...No."
— One of many questions asked about G's name in The House Of The Dead Overkill

T.J.: So, can I ask what the E stands for?
Mr. E: No.
T.J.: You are so cool.

General Specific: I don't want an "X Agent"! I want a current agent!
Private Public: The "X" is put in to indicate mysteriousness rather than his job status sir.
General Specific: Well why can't he choose another letter? Like "K"?
Private Public: "K" isn't as mysterious a letter as "X", sir.
General Specific: What about "L"? "L" is prety mysterious! *waving fingers* Llllllllllllll... Lllllllll!!!

Yumi: "D-san, I finally get it... the D is for "Dream"!
Horis: Then what's J's J?
Hikaru: Maybe it's Japan.
Izumi: It's the J in "joke".
Guy: Judgment... or maybe, Justice?
Soldat J: (I don't know either...)
— Characters speculating on One Letter Names, Super Robot Wars W

*Triumphantly holding an "L"* "Finally! You are at my mercy, L! And now you will see what happens to my opposers!" *Takes the L and eats it, laughs madly*

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