Quotes / Black Lagoon

Rock: What is this? Am I in a movie?
Revy: Don't be stupid. This is more entertaining than Hollywood is ever gonna be!
— 1x01 Black Lagoon

Rock 1x02 Mangrove Heaven

"Ugh... Er. Well, feels like my head's still attached, my sunglasses aren't broken... Amen, hallelujah, and peanut butter."
Dutch, 1x02 Mangrove Heaven

"Hey, boss... Don't you remember? Well, you should! I'm already dead. You said it, remember? And by the way, my name is Rock now!"
Rock, 1x02 Mangrove Heaven

"I'm Jewish, remember? 'Fuck the Nazis' is a family creed."
Benny, 1x04 Die Rückkehr des Adlers

Revy: ... So that's how you look at it, huh? I see. Well since we're here... I've got a story that's perfect for this sort of atmosphere. I'm gonna do you a favour and let you in on a little secret, Rock. Okay? Let me ask you something. See this? And this? ... What would you say these two things are?
Rock: (wary) The first one's an old skull - and that's some sort of medal.
Revy: That's where you're wrong. Both of these are just things. As soon as you strip away their meanings, then that's all they really are. Just things and nothing more. And if you're gonna give these things any kind of meaning again, they won't get any other value because of someone's precious memory. Their value will be determined by the one thing everyone agrees on. (tinkles the Iron Cross) And that's money. The rest of it is just a bunch of sentimental bullshit.
Rock: (disquieted) Hm. Is money... your God?
Revy: It's power. Something a lot more useful than God. And Rock, if you think about it, other than this, what do we really value in life? God? Love? Don't make me laugh. Back when I was just a brat, crawling around that shit-hole city, it seemed God and Love were always sold out when I went looking. Before I knew better, I clung to God and prayed to Him every single night — yeah, I believed in God right up until that night the cops beat the hell out of me for no reason at all. All they saw when they looked at me was another little ghetto rat. With no power and no God, what's left for a poor little Chinese bitch to rely on? It's money, of course, and guns. Fuckin' A. With these two things, the world's a great place.
Rock: I wish I hadn't heard that. I'm sorry.
Revy: Fuck you.
Rock: Huh?
Revy: If I was looking for pity I would've told you something a lot more colourful. The moral of the story is when you're livin' on the edge, that's all that matters to you because that's all you've really got. Not everyone can get off on being normal, Rock. And one more thing... All those rich fat bastards living under palm-trees - and bitches who think that life's only about putting on make-up. I don't want to hear you speaking your mind from the same perspective as those hypocrites. Nothing's worse than being treated like some whore by your companions. I'll say this once. The next time you decide you're gonna tell me what's proper, you'll no longer be one of us. When that happens... I am going to kill you.
— 1x05 Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles

Revy: Know what...? You should go back to Japan. You're just not cut out for this.
Rock: Well you're the one who invited me.
Revy: Yep. Really fucked up there.
Rock: I wonder... maybe you can tell me who kept the church from becoming a bloodbath today? It's just like the old lady said: you can't solve everything with a gun.
Revy: I'm warning you... you better watch what you say, Rock.
Rock: You've been like this ever since the submarine... Was it our talk?
Revy: Who cares?! (stamps out cigarette) I told you to never talk about that again!
Rock: (puts his noodle soup bowl down ominously) Revy... I'm not gonna apologise anymore. (picks bowl back up and continues eating as if nothing has happened)
Revy: (eyes flare open with sheer incredulity) ... I must've misheard you. You better hope I did, otherwise you're a fuckin' dead man.
Rock: (with a hint of iron) Is that so?
(slams his bowl down on the table and stands up)
Rock: In that case! I'll say it again! I didn't make any mistake! I have nothing to apologize for! That's what I'm saying!
Revy: (frozen in pure rage, but it's abruptly gone, she rises with a cold dead look in her eyes) That's a shame. You just stepped on a non-negotiable, big-ass fucking landmine.
(draws her weapon, scaring the townspeople away, cocks the hammer and places the barrel against Rock's forehead)
Revy: Like I said, a real shame. There's just one last thing I need to ask you. What do you want on your tombstone? Cocksucker?
Rock: (narrows his eyes) Why don't you write: 'there's no cure for a fool with a gun'?
Revy: Well, Rock. Goodbye. See ya. (pulls trigger, the Cutlass fires and once the smoke clears we see her stock still with surprise.)
Rock: (has grabbed the slide at the last moment and forced the pistol aside, grazing his temple but is otherwise unharmed.) Rrrgh! See that? There are some problems you can't solve with a gun! (disarms her.)
— 1x07 Calm Down, Two Men

"Thereís a noose that hangs at the entrance to the city. Itís a message to be read by all who encounter it. For the cautious, the sane, itís a warning. For the reckless, the wild at heart, an invitation they cannot refuse. The worst of the criminal underworld gather here. They come here from across the world to butt heads and jostle for power. An evil city caught between the east and the west founded during the Cold War and nurtured by many who came here to ride the wave of the illegal drug trade sweeping across the continent. The edge of the world, the crucible of hypocrisy, a place where those whose souls have been destroyed in the relentless search for money and power reside. A final stop on the way to hell. How have I managed to stay alive this long? With the help of three people: Dutch, Revy and Benny. Also known as the Lagoon Company. The name of this city is spoken of among the villains of the world. Many who come here to make a name for themselves are swallowed by the darkness, never to return. A cruel fate awaits any half-assed small time crook who accidentally stumbles into Roanapur. Right now another sacrificial lamb has wandered too far from home. The city awaits."
Rock, 2x04 Greenback Jane

Sister Eda: What the hell is your problem? Don't you remember what Jesus said in Luke 11? "Don't trouble me. The door is locked." Got that? Bitch.
Jane: But this is a church, isn't it?
Eda: So what? God's not in today. He's on vacation in Vegas, all right?

"It's been 35 years... since this rotten harbor town became a den of vice. Roanapur has managed to stay out of CNN's evening news or the dinner topic of housewives only because... from the past to the present, the motives of those who've gathered here have always been... consistent. That is, it's in our mutual interest... to lead the public eye away from our more stimulating businesses, for the peace of mind of those who are crooked... Please remember this. If we continue suspecting each other, continue pursuing our own self-interests... who do you think will be left standing in the ring in the end? There won't be anybody there, ladies and gentlemen. Not you, not me... Not even the ring itself."
— from Mr. Chang's Rousing Speech, Volume 07, El Baille De La Muerte Part 10

Fabiola: Your laugh is like... the skeletons on El Dia de los Muertos.
Revy: ... Hah! Hahahahahahaha! That's right. I'm surprised you noticed, little girl. I came all the way from the land of the dead... from the dark depths of the tomb, gun in hand. We all did. Me, your head matron, those soldiers, the people in this town, every last one of us... So, little girl. Offer up some marigolds and some cuervo. Then... to the poor little girl who's about to die far away in Asia... I'll offer her some chocolate. Aha ha ha ha!
— Volume 09, El Baille De La Muerte Part 30

"Better run through the jungle..."
— The radio Foreshadowing Roberta's Blood Trail

"My job? Yes. My job is to be an enemy of the state."
Masahiro Takenaka

Rock: Surely you must still have some sense of justice!
Balalaika: (flicks cigarette away and throws off her greatcoat) Enough, Rock! I've had it! (Sambo throw-slams him onto the hood of her car and puts her Stechkin APS under his nose)
(Revy and Boris draw their guns on each other, it's a standoff)
Revy: Damn it! ... Let's all calm down... What do ya say, sis? We don't want to re-enact a scene from 'My Bloody Valentine' here, do we?
Balalaika: (mildly) Shut it, Revy. (glacial) Rock. Look at me... Justice... I can't think of another word more loved by the people. It does have a nice ring to it... However... Without ever exercising your own strength, you seek the death of others at the hands of someone else. Huh, well... The justice you refer to smells pretty rotten to me. The stench of a blood-bath. (now speaking soft and motherly) Wouldn't you agree?
Rock: (squirms under her grip and tries to turn away)
Balalaika: Don't give me that look, Rock. After all, I'm not upset with you.
Revy: Sis!
Balalaika: Of all the people I know, I just never thought I'd hear those words coming from you. I'm — amused. That's all this is.
Revy: Alright! You've made your point! Now just let him go! My fingers are twitching!
Balalaika: In the grand scheme our lives are insignificant. They're light as air, much like a candy wrapper...
Revy: I'm really not in the mood to talk right now. Just let him go!
Balalaika: And Two-Hands... I have something to say to you. I don't know what's going on in that head of yours, but it will only bring you disappointment if you hope to have a life like his.
Revy: (harsh whisper) Shut up! I know! I know what you're saying, okay? So please, just shut up now! I'm warning you, I've just about reached my limit.
Rock: ... Ms. Balalaika. Your victory here is assured. And... You no longer have anything to lose, so - isn't that -
Revy: Rock!
Rock: Isn't that enough for you?!
Revy: Oh, fucking idiot.
Balalaika: No, it isn't enough. There are two things to remember when you're begging for your life: one is to try and entertain the person holding the gun to your head and the other is to give that person... (malevolent grin) Mmm. A convincing reason why they shouldn't kill you. But you haven't managed to do either one of those things. So let's hear it!! What obligation do you have to save them, anyway?!
Rock: (terrified out of his mind) You're misunderstanding!
Balalaika: Oh?
Rock: It's not an obligation and it's got nothing to do with justice. The only reason I want to do it is because - it's my hobby.
Balalaika: (sing-song) Hobby?
Rock: Yeah, that's right. Some people like to die in the gutters, others like to go to war. Then there's me. When it comes down to it... I'm really no different from you.
Balalaika: ... Uh hn... hnhnhnhnhhnhnhnhnhn... AHA! HA! HA! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! AHA! HAHAHAHA! Haaa! Haaaaaa! Oh... (let's him go and picks up her greatcoat) ... Things are gonna pick up again tomorrow, Rock. Oh and from here on I think you'd be wise not to risk your life on stupid games. (tosses keys in his lap) Park the car somewhere, will you? Thanks.
— 2x11 Snow White's Payback